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Region 2 - Guru Poornima Celebrations

7th July 2012

The Region 2 Guru Poornima celebration was a Divine Experience from start to finish! The Programme was commenced by our Regional Chair; Sister Bhadra Patel, who shared with all the deep spiritual significance of the occasion, then followed by Brother Suresh who shared the meaning of the ‘Laksharchana’. The Laksharchana itself was conducted by our Dearest Uncle Vadgama who has had many close interactions with Swami throughout the years, and has conducted Laksharchanas worldwide as instructed by Baba Himself through our Dearest Doctor Ghadia.

The Region 2 Chair, Sister Bhadra Patel, read Bhagavan Baba’s inspiring and profound words regarding Guru Poornima "Guru means the One who removes darkness and only GOD can remove the darkness within by GOD’s Grace. Guru is the light to show the way but the destination is GOD. One is grateful to the Guru but it is GOD that one worships. Let each one march on at his own rate, only the direction and road has to be Godward."

Brother Suresh then shared the importance of Laksharchana before we commenced. He mentioned that 'Laksh' means 100,000 and’ Archana’ means singing the Glories of the Almighty. He also explained that we should perform this Laksharchana as a Puja. The word ‘Pu’ meaning fullness and ‘Ja’ meaning ‘born out of’. This means that whenever our ‘consciousness is full’ and we perform any action, that action, is considered a Puja. In other words when our hearts are saturated with Love, any action done from this state of consciousness is known as a ‘Puja’. Brother Suresh mentioned that whatever Swami does for us is also given out of the fullness of his Love. All were then reminded of the Power of the Lord’s Name and that when the Name of the Lord is remembered with all His associated Glory, a flood of happiness wells up within. In addition we should chant in a manner that will make the Lord dance, as Swami puts it. Even the Name itself will begin to dance as we are assured by Swami.

Before Uncle Vadgama commenced the Laksharchana, he himself told the story of how Bhagavan had given the instructions to perform this Laksharchana. Also that Swami later on told him to include bhajans in between the malas in more recent years so the devotees can maintain their focus and ‘not fall asleep’ as uncle put it light-heartedly. Both the chanting during the Lakshachana and the bhajans were a very uplifting experience!

After bhajans and the closing prayers, we were treated to some Divine Mahaprasadam, made by our dedicated Region 2 Service team. It was really great to see the entire Region 2 Sai Family sitting together to partake the Prasadam.

We look forward to next year’s Guru Poornima Celebration and thank Swami for reminding us of the importance and strength of chanting His Divine Name and His deep Spiritual Teachings too!

Jai Sai Ram.

Article submitted by Brother Suresh Sajnani - Region 2 Youth Coordinator