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Region 2 - Harrow West Sai Centre Celebrates Guru Poornima

With the Blessings and Grace of our Beloved Lord, Guru Poornima was celebrated by Harrow West Sai Centre at Oxhey Wood Primary School on 8th July. We were fortunate to have our dearest Pandit Gowrishankar from Mumbai, India, to join us and conduct a beautiful Abhishek followed by a Padhuka Pooja. On Guru Poornima, the Guru becomes a channel for tremendous cosmic energy, which is available to all through the Guru's Lotus Feet. Thus, Guru Poornima is the most auspicious day for performing Padhuka Pooja, or the worship of the Lotus Feet. Cosmic energy flows from the Guru's Feet in abundance on this Divine day.

This special programme commenced with beautiful prayers sending out powerful vibrations to fill the hall. Each of the eleven items (oil, ghee, pancha amrith, milk, yoghurt, honey, fruit juice, coconut water, sandalwood, vibhuti and ganga water) which were used during the Abhishek was clearly explained stage by stage, allowing all of us devotees, to understand the importance and significance of the items used. During each stage of the Abhishek, we chanted the Sai Gayatri in order to strengthen the Divine vibrations. Following this, the Padhuka Pooja was performed whilst chanting the Sri Sai Paada Ashtothra Shatha Naamaavali. The devotees, either individually or in pairs were given a yellow tray, a flower and a bag containing a picture of Swami’s Lotus Feet, yellow rice and a packet of vibhuti. We were able to take part in this auspicious pooja by offering rice to our very own set of Padhukas throughout the chanting of the naamaavali.

The hall was filled with mesmerising vibrations from the uplifting pooja and the programme continued with melodious bhajans. Given the great significance of this Holy Day, we chose to present our SSE children with their certificates for both their internal and national examinations. The children were presented the certificates by our loving Uma Aunty (Mrs G. Umapathisiram), who has been involved in the Sai Organisation for nearly forty years and teaches SSE in our Centre. This marked the end of a remarkable year in our SSE wing!

The presentation of certificates was succeeded by the mangala arathi. Finally we all came up to the Universal Padhukas and offered a flower symbolising the inner heart being offered and merging with the Cosmic Heart. A strong sense of faith, unity, love and devotion for our Dear Divine Beloved Swami was eminent amongst all present. Lastly, the programme was concluded with delicious Mahaprasadam!

Article submitted by Sister Shhanghamie Peethakaran – SSE Teacher at Sai Centre Harrow West