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Region 7 - Music Team Workshop

The Regional Music team held a Devotional Singing Workshop in Marazion, Cornwall on the 10th June 2012. Marazion is a most beautiful sea side town with majestic views of St Michaelís Mount.

The team were met by the smiling faces of devotees from Marazion, Exeter, and Gunnislake, all eager to express their love for Bhagawan through song and the morning started with vibrant singing which set the mood for the programme ahead.

Brother Veeru Mudigonda, the National Spiritual Co-ordinator shared some inspiring lessons learnt during his time as a student in the Divine presence of Bhagawan Baba. His experiences reminded us of the discipline, the dedication and the devotion necessary when singing to the Lord; but most importantly the humility with which we should approach this Sadhana (spiritual practice).

Brother Nishith Patel, also shared his experiences with Bhagawan and reminded us of the importance of always being cognisant of Swamiís presence. He highlighted how the constant awareness of this, led to improved discipline and an enhanced spiritual experience for all present.

Devotees shared with the group their experiences and the impact that Group singing has had on them. They spoke of the joy and happiness that they experienced when singing the Lordís name and the impact on the wider community, bringing god loving people together, irrespective of caste, colour or creed.

The group enthusiastically approached learning a few new Sanskrit bhajans and English songs and hymns and everyone enjoyed the relaxed and loving atmosphere created by like-minded devotees coming together to sing the praises of our Lord.

Many wonderful memories were created from the day; but most importantly everyone left feeling uplifted and energised by a day of singing heart-felt, soul stirring melodies to our Dearest Lord, thereby experiencing His Love.