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Region 6 - Study Day at Park Barn Centre in Guildford

Sai Baba specifically asked us to read his teachings and this directive was even taken around the world by Arthur and Poppy Hillcoat at his request a few years ago. For this reason, our regional study day was aimed mainly at focussing on Swami’s teachings in a relaxed atmosphere, using the Sathya Sai Speaks series.

We started with a message from Seema Dewan, which she shared on Gurupurnima as this contained a few words that were very relevant to our endeavour: "I have left you with gems of knowledge. My words of truth shall keep you vigilant and aware of My presence. Those that hold the words to their hearts shall surely find the way to see Me beyond the physical level. My words are My form. I have spoken them for you to benefit and make them the eye that sees the road before you..."

There was then a short presentation on the significance of the Vedas, in which we tried, using quotes by Sai Baba, to answer certain questions, for example, why Baba believes they are so important and why vedic chanting is so powerful. During the chanting the heavens opened as the rain poured down breaking the sunshine we had been experiencing all week. This was then concluded with an interactive session chaired by Selva Kumar and Dr Chun which proved very interesting and enlightening. We ended up feeling that we had learned something important and were a little wiser about this very deep subject. The Sathya Sai Speaks workshops consisted of people dividing into groups, with each person perusing a different volume of Sathya Sai Speaks and finding a passage that inspired them. They then shared this with the rest of the group and explained why it had appealed to them. At the end, each group read one or two passages to the rest of us, so that we all had the benefit of hearing as many of Swami’s words as possible. Feedback was positive and some people commented that the passage they found had answered a burning question for them.

In the afternoon, an interesting and helpful talk about meditation was given by Dr Chun with a short Soham meditation at the end. Selva Kumar then gave a thought-provoking and enlightening talk on the different kinds of karma...a more complex subject than it appears at first.

All in all, a happy, relaxed and productive day, one which will hopefully encourage and inspire devotees to keep reading Baba’s teachings, while being uplifted by them and finding peace through them no matter what other things may be going on in their worlds. His words contain His vibration and reading a paragraph here and there is a wonderful and powerful way of connecting with that in us...