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Region 1 - Guru Poornima Celebrations 2012

Dear Love & Light Readers,
Loving Sai Ram to you!

Region 1 celebrated Guru Poornima on Saturday 14th July. The event was hosted by the Bromley Centre

The evening began with Vedic Chanting performed by some of the brothers and sisters of Bromley Centre, and this was followed by some uplifting Bhajans sung by the Bromley Centre members. After the initial introduction, the welcome speech was given by the Region 1 Chair, brother Yoges, telling us how any post that we take is for Swami and our organisation and not for ourselves. He also spoke about Service, especially the Liquid Love programme that is due to take place soon, and ended with the Maxim: If you crack an egg you take a life - if it cracks itself it gives a life.

The evening’s entertainment started with 13-year old Janaki singing a Ganesh Bhajan accompanied by the vina and tabla. Next was 12-year old Krishnan who played Manasa Bhajare on his violin, and Sahana & Debanshi narrated the “Sun” poem to us quite beautifully.

Sister Alisha from Brixton Centre was the compeer for the evening and gave us some stories and quotes about Guru Poornima before introducing each performance which we all enjoyed. The guest speaker was brother Partish Dubey who told us that any chance given to speak about the Lord is a blessing from Bhagawan. He spoke about Faith and told us some stories when he was a Sai Student and reminded us to remember Swami’s words – "You need not always Oblige but speak Obligingly.".

The regional members then gave us a wonderful video presentation in which the Bhajan “Tu Pyar Ka Sagar” was sung. To hear devotees in the audience quietly singing along with it was truly food for the Soul.

Some of the Bromley SSE children sang for us. First was Anouska who sang a song that she had written herself for Baba titled: “Put your Trust in me.” Then all the children sang: “He’s got the whole world in His hands” - to which we all sang along. Region 1 youth came next and played their musical instruments and performed some lovely Bhajans and again we could not help but sing along with them. Brother Vicknesh gave a short talk on Faith and said:

"Instead of asking what Baba can give us, we should ask ourselves what we can give Him."

The evening finished with some more Bhajans and closing prayers and Aarti was performed with great reverence to Baba.

We then enjoyed delicious Prasadam and each others’ company for a short time before leaving.

Thank you Swami.

Sandra Fletcher
Bromley Sai Centre