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Region 2 - Sports Day 2012

Students should realise that the determination and perseverance they show in seeking to win laurels in sports and games are also equally necessary in other spheres of life, especial in those of morality and spirituality
~ Sri Sathya Sai

Having only assisted with the organisation of the games in the past two sports days, we were both immediately hesitant to accept the responsibility of organizing an entire sports day, with thoughts running through our Mind on what ifs and buts?

But then we remembered exactly why we were here on earth… to do Seva (Service)! We knew this was one of the tests swami had planned for us and it was our time to show him we can do it and make him proud. Of course he wasn’t going to leave us alone to plan it, which was clear from the flood of immediate responses we received from the sports day emails we had sent out. All our brothers and sisters were more than happy to help with anything possible, which was a classic example of what swami has been saying for years about service. It was wonderful to see so many helping hearts! To see the large amount of help people were willing to offer inspired us both to assist in every possible opportunity to do Seva (Service) in the future.

As sports day was fast approaching there was some doubt about whether sports day will go ahead or not due to the bad weather in the previous days. And it was vital that sports day was cancelled if the weather was not suitable, as our children’s safety was paramount. Although there were some doubts, we all knew deep down that swami was not going to disappoint his children.

And he did not! He gave us the brightest day of that week, adding in a beautiful clear blue sky to the already peaceful atmosphere.

This was just the setting for a beautiful day swami had laid out for us.

The children and their parents came in one by one with huge smiles of excitement on their faces. Just seeing their smiles was the greatest and most precious reward we could get for all the hard work that had gone into organising sports days. Everyone together as one – adults, youth and even the children – all helped out to set up the field in no time.

The day then began with prayers and relaxing exercise of yoga to warm up the children and get them ready for the games. As well as the children, many of the parents were also very keen to take part. The children were then split into 6 teams with a range of all ages in each for the variety of challenging and fun filled obstacle course races.

There were also bonus points for each team upon correctly answering questions after each race.

The final relay race saw everyone taking part including our own Sister Vidyu (National SSE Coordinator) and Sister Bhadra (R2 Chair) and the parents who had come to watch and support. With plenty of energy, excitement, cheering and support for their team members only one phrase kept coming up in my mind to sum it all up – one team, one family, a true Sai family!

Following on was a huge group photo and certificates handed out to all for attending and taking part. In the background many had been slaving over the kitchen beforehand to prepare delicious food for all which was set up and ready to go.
Everyone sat together under the beautiful sun that beamed down to gain some food fuel for the second round of activities. The boys went off to play football and the girls’ rounders. With a team effort and every single person contributing, no matter how big or small, young or old, the day was an ultimate success. Baba’s grace was always upon us and we had the best weather to date – he has never let us down and certainly was not going to.

The smile of each and every individual shone through and it was wonderful having people from various centres attend and join in on this memorable occasion.

Region 2 SSE Sai Olympics Participants – July 2012.

Article written by Sister Reshma & Sister Shajiny (R2 Teachers)

Bringing the Spirit of the London Olympics 2012 to the joyous flavour of the day in the form of the Certificates.