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Education Wing - National Sai Retreat 2012

Llandudno, Wales - 17th to 19th August 2012

My family and I arrived at the Regency Hotel, Llandudno at 4:20 pm on Friday the 17th of August 2012. The location was perfect, as it was located right at the seaside which really made me happy!

I was pleased to hear during registration that a programme had been put together for all children who were attending the retreat. On the first night, after a very delicious meal, I listened to some very funny stories from Uncle Vadgama and Prof Anil Kumar about their experiences with Swami.

On the 2nd day, I was ready and seated by 5am for morning prayers and meditation, and it was soon after this, that I met other children from all over the UK, who like me, had come to the retreat with their families. We all had a lot in common, especially, Our Love for Swami and quickly became friends!

The activities and programme planned for us over the next 2 days of the retreat was exciting and wonderful, with Swami always being at the centre of everything we did. This included, yoga and prayers ( which I found very relaxing), games and team building activities, arts and crafts, walks on the beach, and even a trip to the local farm! Thanks to Swami in all the time that we spent outside, the weather was very good. We all had a big surprise, when Prof Anil Kumar visited us during our Arts and Crafts session. He was very loving and full of praise. At the end of Day 2, all the children got a chance to do the Aarti in the main hall. I felt very blessed that we were chosen to do the Aarti.

On the last day of the retreat, we received certificates from Prof Anil Kumar for participating in the retreat. I was so nervous to go up on stage, but I knew Swami is always there and my parents felt very proud.

I had a beautiful time at the retreat and am glad I went with my family. The SSE teachers and the youth helping made my weekend very enjoyable, and I will most certainly remind my parents to register me for next year’s retreat!

Sai Ram
Diya Bechoo - 10yrs
Region 3
Foster Hill Sai Centre, Bedford