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Region 4 - Satsang with Professor Anil Kumar

21st August 2012

The Region 4 satsang (spiritual gathering) with Professor Anil Kumar was held in Leicester. Upon entering the hall, you could feel the excitement of having such a humble devotee of Bhagawan on our doorstep.

The programme commenced with a few bhajans (group devotional songs); then Prof. Anil Kumar began his talk with a bhajan, "Gopaala Raadhe Krishna, Govinda Govinda Gopaal." He spoke about the body being not merely just a body, but how each of us, individually, is a spark of divinity, a son of immortality. Recognising that this body is just mortal but our soul is immortal is itself a spiritual achievement. He then went on to talk about how Bhagawan states that, "Nature is the best teacher and life is the best preacher," for instance, how trees teach us how to be unified and equal with everyone. A short question-and-answer session followed the talk.

Then came an extravagant, melodious musical programme, which involved a sitar and tabla recital. Roopa Panesar on the sitar was joined by Upneet Singh Dhadyalla and Rishi Chowdury on the tabla and Akash Parekh on tanpura. A wonderful and uplifting performance offered at our beloved Swami’s lotus feet.

Upon the request of devotees, Professor Anil Kumar was then asked to talk about his experiences of being in the Divine Presence. He narrated his experiences from his travels with Bhagawan and how Bhagawan always made sure that all of his smallest needs were fulfilled.

The devotees were ecstatic and wanted to listen to him for a longer time, but due to time constraints the satsang had to end! Devotees were anxious to talk to him, photographs were taken and he made sure he spoke to as many devotees as he could. It was an inspirational satsang that brought everyone together remembering our dear Bhagawan and His glory.

Poonam Patel