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Region 7 - Professor Anil Kumar’s Visit to Region 7

On the evening of Wednesday 22nd August, Professor Anil Kumar came to Portishead in Bristol, where he gave a most wonderfully inspirational talk to many devotees from throughout the South West of England

After some devotional songs, Professor Kumar came onto the stage and took as his theme CIA, or Constant Integrated Awareness. By looking in depth at each of these three words in turn, he explained that Swami meant us at all times to ensure that we are aware of our thoughts words and deeds and that they are aligned with Swami’s teachings. In his own unique style, he interwove his talk with some enlightening and hugely entertaining anecdotes relating to his own personal experiences with Swami, that held the entire audience spellbound.

After a beautiful musical intermission, he again came onto the stage where he answered a series of questions from the audience, before continuing to illustrate his answers with stories about Swami which demonstrated His Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence.

What Professor Kumar said to us was deeply important in helping us to understand Swami’s message more clearly and completely. But it was also the manner in which this information was conveyed that made this talk so special. With an original and exact use of English, and a style completely his own, he conveyed to his audience precisely what he meant them to hear.

In addition, his whole being was filled with love, joy and a zest for life that inspired us all, and illustrated very clearly what Swami meant when he told us to “Be Happy, Be Happy”. For the audience this talk was a hugely uplifting experience, packed with Swami’s instructions heard at first hand, with humour, with fascinating insights, with passion, and with an energy that filled the hall.

We are deeply indebted to this marvellous ambassador for our beloved Swami and His teachings, for sharing with us all his joy, his enthusiasm and most of all his overwhelming love for Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.