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Region 5 - Satsang with Professor Anil Kumar, Oldham

The hall at Oldham mandir was packed with devotees eager to enjoy satsang with Prof. Anil Kumar. After the opening Vedam and bhajans, Swami’s dear devotee was introduced as the Maruthi of Sai Rama.

Prof. Anil Kumar began by asking "where is Swami?". He emphasised that we are blessed to have known the Avathaar; that Swami is here now and we should always lead our lives trusting that Swami is with us all the time. Prof. Anil Kumar shared his various beautiful experiences with Bhagawan, which he called a “divine romance”.

He enlightened the crowd with stories about Hanuman and how he exemplified pure devotion with his one-pointed devotion towards Sri Rama. His bhajans were uplifting as he danced and sang on stage, to the delight of the devotees. Thereafter followed an interactive question and answer session (which will soon feature on

The event concluded with bhajans and araathi. Prof Anil Kumar kindly took photos with devotees and spent time discussing their experiences with Swami. It was an honour to enjoy the company of one of Swami’s most ardent devotees here in the UK.