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Region 5 - Love - Universality of Faiths - Multi-Faith Celebration

It was a beautiful day as Lidget Green Sai Centre hosted the Region 5 multi-faith celebration on 2 September 2012. The programme began with Vedam and multi faith bhajans followed by a welcome address from Kantibhai Mistry. Speakers representing Hinduism, Sikhism, Bahai, Christianity and Islam then delivered talks on how love is the undercurrent of every faith.

Rev. Alan Evans, representative of the Christian faith, talked about Jesus’ teachings of “Love Thy Neighbour”. The speaker from Islam, Mr Mufti Helal said that the first verse of the Quran talks about love only whilst Ms Jaspal Kaur Birdi delivered a beautiful kirtan (musical rendering) on love after her presentation on Sikhism. The representative of the Bahai faith, Dr Hallam, not only gave a wonderful presentation on his faith but also arranged a mini-exhibition to help understand the faith. The talk on Hinduism ended on a high when the speaker, Bharatbhai Sisodia requested everyone to stand up and hug each other in name of that Universal Love. Sanjay Vaja concluded the series of talks with a beautiful presentation on Swami, His Life and His teachings.

The programme drew to a close with a beautiful Inter-Faith musical item from the Region 5 music group. The atmosphere was filled with His love and it was a truly inspiring and unifying event.