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Love and Light

Region 5 - Multifaith Poem

So many different faiths, so many lovely stories,
That allow God's name, to be heard in all its glories.
Strip back the stories, at the core what is there,
It's all about love, and for each other to care.

It really is that simple, for love is the key,
Common to all religions, as today you will have seen.
All these different faiths, many paths there may be,
They all lead to God's door, the same door for you and me.

They all have their messages, and lots of songs that you can sing,
To fill you with bliss, as God's name it does ring. This feeling of bliss,
it comes from the heart, It's the same for all humanity, of which we are a part.
Zoroastrians have the fire, its significance we will learn, Bitterness and hatred,
should be offered to be burned.
Buddhism has the wheel, of cause and destiny,
If we follow all the teachings, in the end we will be free.

Hinduism's philosophy, it forms a way of life,
It helps you cope better, with any trouble or strife.
Many of these messages, Sikhism also shares,
Discipline devotion and sacrifice, of action they’re not scared.

Baha'is central belief, is that humanity is one,
The time to be one family, is very soon, to come.
In Judaism they do believe, man's the image of the divine,
Each person is equally important, they have the potential to shine.

The crescent of Islam, together with the star,
If we’re fixed in steady faith, from us, God won't be far.
Put your ego on the cross, cut the feeling of 'I'
Once your ego is less, on life's journey you can fly.

From today's event, lots of things to take away,
Perhaps a new perspective, a different feeling when you pray.
A feeling of oneness, the brotherhood of man,
A renewed sense of love, share with others, I hope you can.

- Sanjay Vaja