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Sai Jyoti – My Experience Thus Far

Sai Ram to all and my humble pranams at the Lotus feet of my beloved Mother sai. .

Our first Sadhana meeting took place at Oxheywood Primary School, London on Sunday 3rd of June 2012. The meeting started off with 108 names of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and then followed by beautiful Bhajans. We then spent the morning hearing about the delights of the National Pilgrmimage and what we could look forward to now and when we arrive at the Divine presence in Prashanti Nilayam.

This was accompanied by the opportunity to prepare ourselves for the trip through sadhana. We were all given a book Likhitha Japam (writing of Swami’s name) and we were asked to write ‘Om Sai Ram’ everyday. Finding time to do this regularly required discipline and the opportunity to connect with Swami. Writing of Swami’s name is an easy way to bring union of the two hearts, the heart of the Sadhaka and the heart of Bhagavan. It helps one to escape the cycles of birth, death, that is the Ocean of worldly life – Baba

I personally feel that writing Swami’s name is a wonderful exercise as it helps me to think of Swami everyday and helps me to focus more on Him. This spiritual sadhana helps me to purify my heart and feel his presence daily. Since starting this sadhana I feel happy within myself and feel more closeness to Him as I am writing His name. I have set a side at least half and hour aside daily to do this sadhana after doing my Japmala. I really do enjoy doing this sadhana.

With the Sai Smaran bhajans to come with the next Pilgrimae meeting, the preparation, enthusiasm and excitement is building for what will no doubt be a trip to remember.

Jai Sai Ram