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Sai Smaran Bhajans

On an early morning of Saturday 29th September, the scene had been set! In the spirit of unity devotees from across the UK, united in adoration and love for our Beloved Bhagawan, in Watford, London for a second instalment of ‘Sai Smaran’ – a loving offering of Bhajans, expressing our gratitude at the divine lotus feet of our Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

The Bhajans also formed part of the sadhana for the UK Pilgrims about to embark on a wonderful spiritual journey to Prashanti the following week. The final Pilgrimage meeting also took place at the venue 2-430pm.

The programme initially commenced with a short talk by bro. Karthik (Region 3 Spiritual Co-ordinator), in which he spoke of how Bhagawan Baba had begun His mission with a Bhajan itself – Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam – and how one must conduct themselves whilst performing this sacred act of Naamasmaran; the equal importance of all three aspects of Raagam (Melody), Taalam (Rhythmn) and Bhaavan (Devotion) being present in the singer. He reflected on how devotees coming together on this day in humble and sincere prayer in itself is a miracle, and how fortunate we all are for being a part of the divine legacy of our Bhagawan.

As the sacred vibrations of Namakam (Rudram) chanting permeated the hall, we were all reminded of the sacred ambience of Prasanthi Nilayam, and more importantly, of what we were next in store for. The Bhajans commenced with a Carnatic (South Indian Classical) Musical offering, in which both flute and tabla combined in stilling ones mind, in preparation for the divine task ahead, in which one would be focussed and prepared to receive the Divine Master in our hearts. With a wonderful collection of videos depicting Swami’s Darshan, Life & Legacy being projected on screen, the next 9 hours were filled with wondrous and splendid bhajan singing!

The sincerity and devotion which exuded through the Bhajans filled the room with divine vibrations. Devotees sang in unison, offering their gratitude to our Lord. This love and unity also was evident as the youth and service wings worked together in serving devotees refreshments throughout the day. As the Bhajans came to a close, there was a stillness and profound silence. All that could be felt was Swami’s divine presence through the divine vibrations created throughout the nine hours of loving and devoted singing.

The night itself would be remembered for being a ‘full moon night’ (Poornima) – the beauty of the moon, captivating the mind, and installing a sense of calmness and peace… the very same effect displayed by the wonderful bhajan singing throughout those 9 divine hours, in constant contemplation of our beloved Bhagawan.

With all our hearts, we offer our deepest gratitude to Bhagawan for His Love and Blessings, and pray to Him to enable us to continue serve as worthy instruments in His Divine Mission.

Kapil Dev Prasher
Region 3