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Final Pilgrimage Meeting

During the Sai Smaran bhajans held in London on the 29th September, the pilgrims embarking on “Sai Jyothi – Journey to the Divine” trip met for the last Sadhana meeting before they left for the Abode of Highest Tranquillity; Prashanti Nilayam. The group had met on three earlier occasions, and came together another time to share their experiences and insights with regards the Sadhana programme that they had been following over the past 5 months.

The afternoon started with an introduction by our National chair and fellow Pilgrim Dr Kiran Patel, who reminded us of the grand opportunity bestowed upon us by our Lord Sai, as without His divine Call, no one is granted access to His Abode. We were reminded of Swami’s words that advise us to focus our minds and hearts on contemplating and imbibing the supremely spiritual vibrations of His divine grace whilst in Prashanti Nilayam. Dr Veeru Rao the National Spiritual coordinator then gave us our detailed schedule in Prasanthi Nilayam, reminded us of the importance of our individual preparedness to receive the divine, and some tips on how to maintain our focus firmly on Bhagawan. By undertaking the four sadhana activities, we aim to become the “empty pot” facing the right direction, so that we too can be filled by the showers of divine grace. The four activities introduced in our first meeting on the 3rd of June:

  1. Likhitha Nama Japam (Om Sai Ram 100,000 times)
  2. Study of 5 Vahinis - Sandeha Nivarini, Prema Vahini, Dharma Vahini, Dhyana Vahini, Sathya Sai Vahini
  3. Learn Chants - Swami's Ashtottharam, Suprabatham, Niravana Shathakam
  4. Ceiling on Desires - to offer for group service activities whilst on the Pilgrimage.

"The first task of a Saadhaka is the cultivation of enthusiasm. Through that enthusiasm, he can derive any variety of Ananda. Never get inflated when you are praised, never get deflated when you are blamed. Be a spiritual Lion, regardless of both. One must oneself analyse and correct one’s faults, this is most important."
- Bhagawan Baba, Prema Vahini p113

Mrs Nadia Eley, the chairperson of Region 6, then took us through some of the musical offerings being prepared for the pilgrimage and one of our youth members, Dr Aran Nagendran, guided us through the group songs.

This meeting brought about a culmination of many months of preparations for this year’s National Pilgrimage. For me it created an internal excitement and yearning that you experience when you feel you are returning home after a very long time. Going back to The Source and seeing your Mother can only fill your heart with Love and lasting peace when you get there. There is no doubt that the sadhana has focussed our minds and our very being on the Glory of Bhagawan and prepared us for the upcoming journey to His lotus Feet, an experience which will no doubt be remembered for a lifetime.

Sai Youth