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Region 3 - Youth Sathsang: Is Prayer A Myth Or Does Actually Work?

Region 3 youth gathered on Saturday 8th September for a deeply insightful workshop on the subject of prayer, focussing on:

  1. Critically examining a deeply important aspect of spiritual practice
  2. What is the definition of prayer?
  3. If prayer works then what are the timeless spiritual laws that govern its operation and manifestation?
  4. The spiritual laws which must be applicable to every human being as they have all been caste in the body of flesh and blood
  5. Unless you have tried and tested methods and the spiritual laws and cultivated your own direct personal spiritual experience then how can you be certain that prayer works?
  6. This was followed by guided meditation and practice and subsequent private one-to-one tuition upon personal request.

The session was facilitated by brother Gurmail, former Region 3 Chair.

The teachings were built upon parallels drawn upon from various faiths and how techniques, principles and spiritual laws have more recently been underpinned by HIS guidance. For example we managed to even draw upon the simplest of Swami’s teachings and establish their importance; Swami's first 9 Point Code Of Conduct is "Daily Meditation and Prayer", but how many of us easily make the mistake of thinking it is Prayer then Meditation...but as Gurmail Uncle empathised that if we can learn how to meditate first (the key message given by the image of Lord Shiva, Buddha, and Guru Nanak) then this will help us immensely in cultivating direct personal spiritual experience.

We also focused on the scientific aspect of prayer, was there any actual scientific research done to help us improve our understanding? We touched on the water studies by Mr. Imoto and looked at the importance of thought and how they have an effect on our everyday lives and how this contributes towards the manifestation of prayers. We also managed to carry out two guided mediation and prayer sessions in the course of the day to enable us to practice techniques.

All in all the day proved to be full of critical enquiry and very lively discussion. Feedback received from those who attended and applied the techniques confirmed that they had benefited from the session, as evidenced by their own direct experiences.

Mali Almeida
Region 3 Youth Co-ordinator