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Service Wing - Sai Ideal Healthcare Seminar 2012

With the Grace of our Lord, the second annual Sai Ideal Healthcare Seminar was held in Hatfield, London on the 16th September 2012. The seminar attracted health care professionals from across the UK, all of whom were eager to share experiences and expertise on advancing the Sai Global Healthcare Mission.

The theme for this year’s Seminar was “Sai Ideal Healthcare through sustained Partnerships” and during the course of the day, a wide variety of projects, being conducted both locally and internationally, were presented, illustrating the impact of healthcare projects delivered with love and compassion. Delegates had the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions for further development of these service programmes.

Throughout the day, we were reminded of the Ideal presented to us by our dearest Bhagawan, through His selfless work and this produced great inspiration and gave focus to all ensuing discussions.

Presentations included, reports on current practice in Sathya Sai Health Awareness Days and the unveiling of revised guidelines and proposals forms to assist and encourage all centres to take up this activity, whilst ensuring that high standards are maintained. We also heard about the re-launch of two other activities, Blood Donation Clinics and First Aid Training; each in its own right, a life-saving service. The Sai Organisation will undertake both these activities with increased fervour in a coordinated effort to maximise participation across the UK.

The session on international medical activities was rich with the experiences of health care professionals who participated in medical camps, taking much needed medical expertise to the remotest parts of the world. Inspiring reports about activities in Sri Lanka, a country ravaged by Tsunami and Civil war were shared. We heard about the efforts of the Sai Organisation both in Sri Lanka and the UK to soothe the suffering and bring much needed medical treatment to thousands who are affected, reflecting the Love of our Lord through this international collaboration.

Miss Jenni Robson, gave a touching account of her experiences, as a general volunteer, during a recent medical camp to Dang, North India and the impact that this work has had on her. Miss Robson’s experiences were echoed by Dr Nadisha, a paediatrician from the UK who presented a report on the recent Medical Camp to Russia. She spoke of the immense love for Swami, which was expressed by Russian devotees who worked harmoniously in partnership with UK doctors and volunteers, truly epitomising that “There is only one language, the language of the heart”.

One of the highlights of the programme was Dr Jyothi Parekh’s presentation on her collaboration with the Sathya Sai Super speciality Hospitals in Bangalore and Puttaparthi. Dr Parekh is a Consultant Radiologist from the UK and has worked closely with the hospitals for many years now. With Bhagawan’s grace, Dr Parekh has helped set up an accredited training programme for Radiology Registrars. The training programme is free and trainees have achieved an excellent pass rate. This groundbreaking project, utilises web based teaching with talks and tutorials being delivered from London to trainees in India. Dr. Parekh presented a blueprint for other specialists who wish to setup similar programmes in their respective specialist fields.

Dr Nishith Patel, a Cardiothoracic surgeon from UK, then presented a model for the sustained provision of specialist input to the Super Speciality Hospitals in India. He identified National Clinical leads and welcomed the involvement of all healthcare professionals in developing programmes to offer service at the Sathya Sai Hospitals.

To work in Swami’s hospital is a blessing. Dr Maudgal, a Gastroenterologist from UK who now works permanently in Puttaparthi shared some of his intimate moments in the Divine Presence and told of how Bhagawan steered his medical career, culminating in the opportunity to serve our Lord at the Super Speciality Hospital.

Finally, delegates had the opportunity to openly discuss their views and contribute to current and future projects during workshop sessions. The seminar concluded with closing remarks from Dr Kiran Patel, UKCC Chairperson and “The next steps” by Dr Veeru Mudigonda.


  1. The Sai Healthcare National Coordinating Committee (SHNCC) UK is committed to facilitating healthcare service projects both domestically and abroad. These projects will be conducted under the Service Wing of the Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation UK, the aim being to maximise participation and involvement of medical professionals and general volunteers.
  2. The SHNCC will continue to forge partnerships with the National Health Service, other non government organisations, and Sai Organisations in other countries to create opportunities to put into practice the principles of Sai Ideal Healthcare both domestically and abroad.
  3. The revised guidelines and protocols for conducting a Sathya Sai Health Awareness Day(SSHAD) shall be followed for all future SSHAD programmes and will be readily accessible through the Regional Service Coordinators.
  4. Our work will comply with the latest evidence based practice, with appropriate audit to ensure the highest standards are achieved whilst maintaining effectiveness and efficiency in terms of costs and time, with regular review and update of guidelines and protocols.
  5. The SHNCC now has a designated central point of contact: saihealthcare@srisathyasai.org.uk
    All volunteers can direct their queries, suggestions and personal details to the SHNCC using this e mail address.

Next Steps?

  1. Database
    It is essential to update our current database of healthcare professional in the UK. This task will be undertaken by the Service Wing in the next 3 months.
  2. Regional Medical Leads

    Each Regional committee will identify a Regional Medical Lead. The medical lead will form part of the Regional Service Team and support the Regional Service Coordinator.

  3. Sathya Sai Health Awareness Days (SSHAD)
    In the next year, every region across the UK will endeavour to conduct at least one SSHAD. This project will be coordinated in close partnership with the local Primary Care Trust and be led by the Service Wing.
  4. Blood Donation Clinics
    Every region shall conduct at least one Blood Donation Clinic in partnership with the National Blood Service.
  5. First Aid Training
    The SHNCC will be coordinating annual first aid training for volunteers in the organisations and maintain a database of these individuals.
  6. International Hospital Rotas and Training
    UK support of the International hospital rotas will continue with the added support of Clinical leads to increase participation and develop new programmes and training projects in close partnership with the Sathya Sai Hospitals.
  7. International Medical Camps
    UK will continue to coordinate International Camps. Details of forthcoming camps will be advertised via the National website and Newsletters. By utilising our database we will endeavour to increase participation and support.
  8. Annual Healthcare Conference/Seminar
    The dates for the Sai Ideal Healthcare Seminar 2013 will be announced in January 2013.