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Service Wing - Sathya Sai Healthcare Seminar 2012: A New Devotee’s Experience

The Sathya Sai Healthcare Seminar was one of the first Sai Activities that I had been to, and I was glad that my friend took me along. As a pharmacy student, I found the seminar very inspiring and motivational. I was impressed by the approach and the dedication that all the healthcare professionals demonstrated; which encouraged me, as a young clinician.

I particularly benefitted from the simple, yet deeply meaningful and compassionate teachings of Sai Baba which was at the heart of the healthcare activities that were presented. I was honestly very thankful to Baba for teaching us to help others with a pure heart. Baba’s selfless work is our greatest inspiration; demonstrating how words should be put into practice, as evidenced by him building hospitals in India which provide totally free specialist care.

Unlike other health related conferences that I had been to, the Sathya Sai healthcare seminar provided me with a new approach to delivering the best care, whilst incorporating a spiritual approach to healthcare. It became apparent that every patient should be treated as our own kith and kin.

The overview of the medical camp in Dang by Miss Jennie Robson brought tears to my eyes, especially when she showed us how little children showed love for her by drawing hearts with her name in them.

The seminar was a new experience for me, and it was uplifting to observe the impact of Sai Ideals put into practice. The seminar has certainly had an influence on me as a pharmacy student, and has altered my understanding of how healthcare should be delivered, in a way that we are not taught during the course of our studies.

Miss. Baguiasri Mandane
Pharmacy student