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Region 7 - Cheltenham Bhajan Workshop

On Sunday 9th September, the Cheltenham Group hosted a Bhajan Workshop facilitated by the Region 7 music team. The music team has been visiting groups around the region, to inspire and support efforts to increase participation in group devotional singing, which remains a much loved activity.

During the training workshop, Brother Mahendra Patel, our Regional Spiritual Coordinator very beautifully reminded us of the disciplines and guidelines given by Bhagawan to bhajan singers. Brother Nishith Patel shared personal experiences to illustrate the importance of maintaining focus on Bhagawan whenever engaged in group devotional singing. He also encouraged singers to regularly practice songs so as to maintain the rhythm, melody and feeling at all times, thereby enhancing the bhajan experience for all who attend.

Our lead bhajan singers, derived great benefit from the session, in particular the opportunity to practice bhajans under the guidance of the team. We were most grateful to Zita and Richard who travelled from Wales; they taught the group two new English songs, which were thoroughly enjoyed.

We were drawn closer to our Lord by the Divine ambience created through the singing of His Name and look forward to practicing all that we learnt during the workshop. I would certainly recommend that all Groups participate in this most useful and soul stirring workshop.

As always we offer our gratitude at the Divine Lotus feet of our Lord, for this opportunity.

Jai Sai Ram.

Yashoda Karadiad,
Chair Cheltenham Sai Group.