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Love and Light

Eduction Wing - My Swami and I: Poem II

As I sit there,
In that brightly lit hall-
Waiting for Him to come-
I feel the peace and love…

Suddenly the hall is silent
As He enters,
Blessing all that He sees,
Loving all that He sees.

His feet glide across the cool marble floor,
While His hands rise up to bless all those who come.
His lips curl into a beautiful smile,
While His eyes sparkle in joy.

For once my mind doesn’t wander
And I feel His presence.
So pure is His love that even at the back of the hall
I can feel His love.

He glides round the hall
Collecting letters and notes from devotees
from around the globe,
Until He finally sits in His chair and the bhajans begin.

That’s when I realise that the connection really is ‘heart 2 heart’
Because I feel His love
And I think I feel bliss.

By Priyanka Ram
SSE Student
Region 8