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Region 4 - Laksharchan

After a wonderful Laksharchan at the National Retreat, the Divine Light was brought to Coventry by our most beloved brother Vadgama who gave us another opportunity to chant the name of Bhagawan in such an uplifting manor. Through his unwavering faith, we received Swami’s Prasadam of Divine Light once again.

The day began with the offering of Prayers and Vedam chanting. Bhajans were sung to purify the atmosphere, bringing each soul together in unison. The air was filled with the fragrance of Prashanti, with the yearning hearts of the devotees pleading to Swami to come and take the Divine seat and give us Thy blessing.

Uncle Vadgama instructed each one to the methodology of the offering and its sacred meaning, how to chant and as the power of the blessing lies in singing as One entity, not as individuals. Everyone eagerly awaited the start as our fingers emptied the rice into the given plastic trays, with Swami’s Photo, a pendant and a vibhuti packet.

For the first time in my life, I felt every offering was offered to Swami from my heart, and I left it to Him to cleanse me; bless me with whatever He feels is necessary for me in my journey right now.

After every two 'malas' (rosary beads circle), uncle Vadgama encouraged us to sing bhajans. He said that Swami had instructed him in this way, saying that people get tired and lose concentration and singing bhajans is a very good way of refocusing our minds. Devotees from Rugby, Nuneaton, Birmingham, Leicester, Luton and even as far as London joined in with the singing.

After the Laksharchan offering had finished, uncle Vadgama narrated some of his treasured and closest experiences with Swami. The hall was filled with laughter and applause as he told us about his more recent experiences in London when he was visited by different forms of God, to which everyone gasped in amazement. He told us about his illness and how he was admitted to a hospital in London and through this experience, his consultant was given a book on Swami called 'Man of Miracles'. Everyone was so eager to hear more stories but it was time to take some Prasadam after Aarthi.

Aarthi was then offered and uncle Vadgama concluded the session by giving each family, a gift of 'Sri Sai Satcharitra' book along with Swami’s Photos and vibhuti. Mahaprasadam was enjoyed by all as the ladies had spent not only the early hours of the morning but the day before, preparing the food with so much love.

Over 250 people had attended the event and what I saw on their faces was a feeling of gratitude, love and reverence for our beloved Lord Bhagawan Baba. They had received their Prasadam.

For me, I felt my batteries had recharged, I was full spiritually and I could continue my life with extra exuberance, confidence and a feeling of 'inner' happiness that had left when Swami took Maha Samadhi. Thank you Swami for bringing Divine Light to Coventry!

Submitted by Vina Mistry – Coventry