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Bhagwans Birthday: A festival of love

Aum Sri Sai Ram

On 23rd November 1926, the great saint Aurobindo came out of his meditation and ran around in his ashram proclaiming ecstatically that Krishna consciousness has descended on earth. He was thrilled that the very embodiment of truth, goodness, and beauty has come to be in the midst of humanity as Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to guide, guard, love, and lead all.

The Sai family celebrates this glorious occasion every year with great joy and splendor. People from all walks of life and from all corners of the world come to Prashanti Nilayam to be with Bhagwan and bask in His infinite love. Prashanti Nilayam embraces millions of devotees in days leading to this joyous occasion, whole hearts pulsate with His name and eyes thirst for a glimpse of His sweet form. On the birthday, as chirping birds sing a heavenly birthday melody and the cool early morning breeze tries to soothe the hearts of the teeming millions who eagerly await the arrival of Bhagwan, like a brilliant sun, magnificent and blissful, Bhagwan emerges gently from His residence to a thunderous applause from His devotees. A procession of vedic chanters, His beloved Geeta, musicians, institute brass band, and colorful children brings Him closer to His devotees who relish the great good fortune of getting a glimpse of Bhagwan. Benevolently blessing, with a beautiful smile, Bhagwan appears to give vishwa rupa darshan to everyone with the sahasra sheersha purushaha relishing the beauty of His own sweet form.

As Bhagwan takes His place at the center of this universe, the rapturous crowd tries to quench its thirst by getting His darshan. After a few moments, Bhagwan delivers His divine birthday discourse. In the discourse he reveals another master plan of selfless service to society for hundreds of years to come. Looking at the vast sea of humanity in front of Him, He affirms that it is His love that has invited everyone to come. The flood of His infinite love brings tears of joy to many eyes. Bhagwan reminds that birthday is for the body alone but He is the timeless indwelling spirit that resides in every heart that has no birth and no death. He declares that His real birthday is when we discover Him in our hearts. After the discourse, He signs a bhajan in His nectarine voice and the assembled humanity joins in chorus. Heaven seems to rejoice at this sight of supreme love between the lord and his devotees. Bhagwan cuts the birthday cakes prepared by His students and staff working at His institutions. He blesses everyone with His abhayahasta and the grand procession takes Him to His residence.

In the evening, Bhagwan enthralls His devotees by His presence at the cultural programs presented by eminent musicians from around the world. Fireworks lit up the sky in jubilation and the devotees pour their heartfelt gratitude for blessing them with the bliss of His proximity. As aarathi is given to Bhagwan, every heart wishes that this day and this divine romance with never ended.