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Region 2 - SSE Akhand Bhajans: November 2012

In unison with the Lord....singing His Glory.

The patter of shoes being removed, the anticipation and thrill of excitement for the first rehearsal of the Akhand Bhajan could be clearly heard and felt, as children and parents from across the region lovingly gathered for practice... And exactly where had HE orchestrated to hold it? Sai Prema!

What was to unfold over the three weekends, over a total of nine hours, was indeed pure love rendered through songs!

The first rehearsal saw the whole programme unravel as each child put forward their special bhajan through which they connect with Swami as their singing key was established and each one them showed their love for Swami. Some rendered very softly and sweetly and some with absolute gusto raising the roof of Sai Prema leaving vibrations to perfuse through the walls and reach neighbours’ homes!

Seeing the effort that these children put in was just amazing and was certainly a lesson learned. What was so evident was their discipline and dedication in parallel to the wonderful support and love given by their parents. Additionally, the encouragement provided by the SSE teachers who sacrificed their Saturday afternoons in an expression of love to Swami through assisting bhajans to ensure they were sung at the highest standards and infused with Bhav (love).

After such a great effort, filled with moments of fun and laughter as three year olds sung with sweet innocence and sometimes even using their own beats and tunes, it was time for a small snack to recharge their batteries and allow everyone to stretch their weary legs....

The remaining time was valuably spent practicing a most wondrous medley of some soul stirring songs including a various mix of mellow and upbeat styles invoking the presence of the Lord.

By the end of the first rehearsal everyone had a beautiful picture in their hearts as to how the SSE slot would be finely tuned over the next two sessions with Swami having helped to portray a framework of the bhajans and medley. It truly was a glorious and fruitful afternoon!

The next two sessions saw the effort and concentration increase leaps and bounds. The children’s confidence grew and grew as did the level of enjoyment. Melodious intros were created using the talent of guitar and flute players amongst the children and harmonies were practiced. Swami’s presence was ever felt and the preparation was most certainly in full swing.

As the actual Akhand Bhajan weekend approached, the children put further practice in at home with guidance from their parents and this effort definitely produced results as was seen and heard during the final loving rendition during the SSE slot.

The little angels walked into the hall, immaculately dressed in their whites and sung their hearts out to Swami. The heart just melted as it was filled with joy and bliss. Although the light in the hall was low, it still shining brightly as the little angels filled everyone’s heart with a beautiful glow. What an amazing journey to be finally in unison with the Lord....singing His Glory.

Article written by An uplifted Devotee.

SSE Students, Parents and Teachers coming together from
Region 2 centres as "FAMILY OF SAI"