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Love and Light

Region 1 - Akhanda Bhajan Hosted: Merton Sai Centre

Akhand bhajan involves constant contemplation on God in the morning, evening, and even during the night. It is constant contemplation on God during all three states: the waking, dream, and deep sleep states. It is “sarvada sarvakaleshu sarvatra harichintanam”
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba: Akhanda Bhajans 2007

Between Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 November 2012, Merton Sai Centre hosted akhand bhajans (continuous group devotional singing) and began with prayers and Vedic chanting.

As per tradition, the bhajan “Akhanda Jyoti Jalaavo” was sung while SSE children lit altar candles that burned throughout the 24-hour vigil. This bhajan has a significant meaning which very appropriately links the two concepts of Love and Light:

"Sai, light the eternal flame within the temple of my heart and illumine my intelligence. Embodiment of love and divinity, with effulgence equal to that of million suns, light in me the flame of divinity, knowledge and love."

The Region 1 SSE students participated in the devotional singing; and the Region 1 Sai Youth sang with a lot of energy and enthusiasm from midnight to 3am. The continuity of the akhand bhajans was assured by the active participation of the Region’s centres and groups with cooperation and love. At 5am on the Sunday, Omkar was chanted 21 times followed by Suprabhaatam. Bhajans continued throughout the day and concluded with Bhagawan singing the last two devotional songs followed by aartee at 6pm.