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Region 1 - Ladies Day 2012

On 18 November 2012, as part of the Region 1 Ladies’ Day events, Merton Sai Centre organised an afternoon tea and entertainment for South London elderly members. Once again, it proved to be one of the highlights of the year. And what was so special about this day?

As always, every detail of the programme had been planned and carried out meticulously to make our friends feel welcome and at home – such a very special time for these housebound people who are usually isolated and alone. Delicious food and drink was in abundance and served with big smiles.

There was much to learn about the Chinese zodiac when the children of the Merton Sai Centre performed a most entertaining play. A lot of talent was on show: the violin and veena players; the dancers; the singers. In fact, when two gorgeous little girls performed an exquisite dance, Christine, one of our guests whose legs had been injured in an accident when she was very young, was so excited that she climbed onto her chair and swayed to the tune of the music. The rhythm of the music and the dance were so captivating that Chris nearly fell off! Luckily, no harm came to her; and she was clearly enjoying the occasion.

It is always much appreciated by our older friends when they are included in the events. The general knowledge quiz questions were stimulating and provoked various debates. And many of the guests were delighted when the talented bingo comperes remembered their names from previous occasions. It felt as if every helper was an embodiment of Swami: pouring out constant love.

Food and drink was prepared and lovingly served throughout by devotees. A memorable afternoon came together due to the unity and love from devotees of all ages who contributed in various ways.

On 19 November, ladies from Region 1 conducted bhajans for one hour, followed by aartee. A short video was then shown, which included Bhagawan giving a Ladies’ Day discourse and darshan clips, ending with Swami’s student singing, “O Mere Sai Baba.” Prashaad (consecrated food) was shared, which had been prepared by the ladies of the Region.