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Region 6 - Birthday Celebrations 2012

The Regional Birthday celebrations were celebrated in Farnborough on Friday 23 November. Over 150 devotees attended the function.

Devotees were inspired by the SSE programme called, ‘A Garland of Love,’ consisting of a drama including Veda chanting in which even the youngest child (aged four) took part. They then went on to recite multifaith prayers associated with the values. The children were showered with blessings from one of the respected elders of our Region, Dr Mahendra Patel, as they were presented with SSE attendance certificates.

The evening continued with vibrant music and songs performed by the well known Sapan Raii, who enchanted the devotees with his musical offering. The Regional Chair then said a few words and was followed by Brother Selvakumar who gave us all much food for thought. Devotional singing finally energised the congregation with so much love and allowed all to leave with regained peace.

During the programme, many of the helpers were busy preparing the prashaadam (consecrated food) and also busy preparing for the Region’s small offering at the National Birthday celebrations.

Vibhooti and prashaadam were distributed to all devotees who also enjoyed the most delicious Birthday cake. We left feeling uplifted, taking with us the following message: What present can we offer Swami? – Answer: To Be; aided by the tools of reflection and self-audit.