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Youth Wing - National Youth Satsang with Dr Samuel Sandweiss & Mrs Sharon Sandweiss

On Sunday 2nd December, the youth of UK were blessed to have a youth satsang with the highly respected, energetic and renowned Dr Samuel Sandweiss and Mrs Sharon Sandweiss.

The morning began with uplifting Bhajans by the youth followed by a welcome address by Shyam Jamnadas (National Youth Coordinator) who went through the format for the day and reminded us all of how we are fortunate as youth to have been born during the time the Avatar walked the Earth.

Shitubhai Chudasama (International Youth Coordinator) then followed, with a motivational talk setting the vision for the youth globally and setting the scene. He asked us to reflect how our lives were before Swami had impacted our lives and also how our lives would be without His teachings to guide. Shitubhai then introduced our guests, Dr Samuel Sandweiss and Mrs Sharon Sandweiss to address the youth.

This couple reminded me of two very different peas from the same pod both with immense love for Swami but with alternative ways to demonstrate it. Dr Samuel Sadweiss is a global visionary who has big ideas on how to spread Swami’s message referring to Swami’s thoughts on the youth and how they should be courageous like lions taking his mission forward, and living by His message. He explained how we live in a time where technology enables us to reach out to people all over the world and we should use such platforms for “expansion” – expand Swami’s message to every corner of the globe. He explained how we must translate Swami’s teachings and message in a way that the world will understand and showed many examples of this being done with videos of concerts for example.

Later, Mrs Sharon Sandweis reflected on the importance of the smaller things in life such as the development of the family and the home, sharing stories of the upbringing of their four daughters. She even shared stories of interviews where Swami showed concern for the welfare of their children. She emphasized strongly the role of the woman and the pressures they can face but it is a woman who carries a home.

During the question and answer session the couple shared techniques of meditation and ways to connect with Swami and interacted with the youth on topics such as marriage, explaining how a couple are “one” and united. They also talked about how we all are messengers of Swami’s love and instruments in carrying out His mission.

This couple are very blessed having numerous experiences to share and of particular importance, Dr and Mrs Sandwiess were guest speakers at the 2009 convocation and Ladies day receptively and the youth of UK were very appreciative of their guidance.

The satsang ended with Bhajans followed by Aarti and the youth left energized and inspired from the infectious energy that the Sandweiss couple carry.

We thank Swami for sending His wonderful messengers to uplift us and pray the youth have more opportunities to interact with Dr Sandweiss and Mrs Sharon Sandweiss again.

Gobika Mohandas
Region 1 Vice-Youth Co-ordinator