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Conversations with Dr Samuel and Sharon Sandweiss

Dr Samuel Sandweiss’s first meeting with Swami - Excerpts from talk on 1st of December 2012

The strongest learning I had was when I went to Swami for the first time. I saw Omniscience and Omnipresence. That still didn’t soften my heart. We went to Whitefield during the first Summer School in Culture and Spirituality in 1972. I was a little disturbed even though Swami had showed me his Omnipresence and Omniscience. By this time, I should have fallen at His Feet but I still hadn’t.

And then I heard him talking, simple talk. “Why don’t you try to comb your hair and why do you wear tight pants and have long hair? Not washing. Look like a monkey. “

And I thought I came all the way from California and I just wanted to hear of very complex things and He is telling me about washing and cutting hair? And I noticed my sideburns were pretty long. Actually I cut them after I had heard this. I was feeling terrible! Such simple little trivial teaching. Isn’t that trivial teaching or not?

This was at the old house in Brindavan. At the back there was a thatched roof that they had put up and monkeys were jumping around and Swami used to come out and speak. I was at the front of the house waiting to go. I was waiting for Swami to go upstairs. I was feeling very bad.

I hadn’t slept well. I was eating hot food which I wasn’t used to it and then Swami was telling me don’t be this….I was feeling I came all the way to hear this from Swami?

I was also thinking of going back although I had seen His Omnipresence.

He then comes up to me, His eyes sparkling, full of love, full of knowledge and full of understanding and gave me 2 pieces of little candy. He was so sweet to me, so very personal. That is what did it to me! First lesson I said to myself, don’t think it is a mere candy and Swami said,”Sweet, Sweet, Sweet”. He came up with a personal contact and a sweet, that filled my heart.

That was what broke me!

That was what made me fall at his feet and I wanted to sing a song. That is what we should do too.

If we just know the background of the type of person we are dealing with and we understand with softness and sweetness, not always so easy to do. Swami has put you there to give love and to learn from projection of your own selves. Through steadiness, through perseverance and through patience will come your own purity. This is our training ground. It is Tapas.

Extract from presentation provided by Sharon Sandweiss on the 1st of December 2012

This is an excerpt from a talk given by Sharon Sandweiss to parents of SSE children. It involves an interview that Baba had given to a group of devotees from New Zealand in 2009. Swami loves to converse with His devotees and knows what is on their minds. He answers them directly:

Devotee: Baba, how do we get close to you? You are so far away.

Baba: Distance is only in your imagination. You are always close to me when we realise that I am in your heart, but until that happens I am here and you remain there thousands of miles apart. Your connection is Me. That is what I want you to do. Then I am yours automatically. Eliminate your anger, jealousy, ego. Purify your heart. Have you ever thought of practising atleast one idea, one teaching from me? Do it, Do it. Do it! Then surely success will come and Grace will flow.

Devotee: How do we work for Sai’s Mission as true servants of the Lord?

Baba: For this Baba has given you this, the Sai Organisation. Make use of it to the best capacity by doing Service, by Devotion and by being Loving to all. Sometime you are very impatient with the Organisation. I know, I know, I watch everything. Baba makes rules, regulations for specific purpose. Without rules, without discipline, soon it becomes a zoo. Discipline is the watch word in any spiritual path.

The Sai Organisation is not like a Rotary Lions Club, it isn’t a family club, it is purely a spiritual and service organisation.

The very name SAI stands for ‘S’ Spiritual Transformation, ‘A’ Association or Social Change and ‘I’ Individual Transformation. All these have to be achieved through the organisation but if you are uninterested in Transformation, then better to stay home and not waste your time. Time is precious, life is speeding fast, make best use of every minute. Make every minute the best minute for you and all around you. Fix your attention on God only. Focus on God. Do Selfless Service. And be happy.

Excerpts of a conversation between Samuel Sandweiss and John Hislop

Dr John Hislop was an ardent devotee of Bhagawan and a highly spiritual person. He had served the United States Council and the Organisation for many years. Many may have read his book titled “My Baba and I”, a title that Bhagawan Himself had given. When he was near death, Dr Sandweiss had the rare fortune to talk to him. Soon after this conversation, Dr Hislop passed away. Following is an excerpt of his video conversation that he presented during his tour of the UK.

Sam: Is that something special -- that somebody (Swami) should proclaim that (“I am God”) – or that we believe that He actually is God -- is that a special event?

John: I think that is a special event Sam -- in all other teachers I have been involved with, none has made that claim. The Claim that God is their Divine preceptor, and that they are travelling with God in the path of spirituality -- but none has ever made the claim that “I am God.”

Sam: Does this give a special potency to His Message?

John: I don’t see how it cannot fail to, especially when you look at the companion statement because He says, yes I am God but so are you. The only difference being that I know it, and you don’t know it. And you can know it because you are God.

Warren (interviewer2): After your long life of spiritual searching, if you can summarise the essence of the wisdom that you gained in a sentence or a phrase, could you do that?

John: Yes, it’s very simple. The wisdom that I have gained through my spiritual life with Buddha and with Baba and with others too -- is that the primary path to spiritual opening is Devotion to God. All the other things, meditation, action and so on -- have all fallen away in their importance. Devotion is the primary way to God.

Sam: Is that what you are holding onto now?
John: Yes.

Sam: In what form does it take?

John: It takes the form of always seeing Swami wherever I am and recognising that He is in me and that if I see Him standing there, I recognise that I am in Him too. So I visualise Swami a great deal, I see Him.

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