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Region 5 - Akhanda Bhajans

This Year the Akhand Bhajan event was hosted by our Bradford centre and as usual their hospitality was fantastic. The altar decoration which included pictures of all the 5 religious gurus was extremely apt for the occasion. The Bhajans were collated in advance and all the bhajans were projected on the screen. All singers were also given an approximate time for their bhajans.

Akhand Bhajan 2012 was a very wonderful and a unique experience as it not only gave the pleasure of listening and singing the glory of our beloved Bhagwan through sai bhajans but also listen to performances by the Ahamadiya community and the Sikh group. This event was represented by delegates from the multi-faith conference that took place in Bradford in September 2012. We had representation from the Bahai , Muslim, Christian and Sikh faiths and also received fantastic feedback emails from them after the event. We in turn received invitation to attend a programme in the mosque and our brothers from the region represented on behalf of the sai organisation. On that day we could see all the faith groups united and have prasadam under the same roof. We could really feel the true meaning of ‘Vasudeva kutumbakam’ on that auspicious day.

Praveena Srikantan