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Region 5 - Ladies Day

With the Divine grace of our beloved Bhagawan, region 5 Mahila day event for 2012 was successfully celebrated on 18 th November at Hudawi centre, Huddersfield.With in a year of its existence, Bhagawan graced the Halifax sai group with an opportunity to host a regional event. Our salutations at His lotus feet and our sincere thanks to region 5 Sai family and one and all in the Halifax community for their support.

As with any other event in SSSSO this event was organised with lots of planning from the team and sincere efforts from all the devotees involved. The day was a typical wintery day with lots of chill and mist. Fortunately there were intermittent sunny spells to add to the event. All the Bhajans and cultural activities of this event were performed by Ladies and children of region 5 and were well supported by the men of the region.

The programme started off at 10.45 am with Vedic chanting while the candles were lit by ladies from Halifax. Durga Sukhtam was recited by the devotees and I am sure all those who attended this event would agree with me that Goddess Durga removed all the obstacles on the day to make it a grand success. This was followed by melodious bhajans by our ladies.

As the Halifax group chair, I welcomed all the guests and devotees from various places of region 5, SSSSO. The significance of Ladies day and the declaration of Ladies day on 19 th November 1995 by Swami was remembered. Swami laid great emphasis on the role of women in the society and their obligation to change themselves and help to change the men and the children.

The cultural events of the day started with prayers from Halifax SSE kids. It clearly showed their dedication and Love for Swami.In celebrating the glory of womanhood Halifax community women presented a Dance Drama dedicated to the Divine Mother Durga, choreographed to the melodious Mahishasura Mardini stotram composed by Sri Adi Sankaracharya. The artistes who performed were all amateurs. The dance drama was presented to perfection reflecting their efforts and hard work.

Music is divine. Swami loves to listen to melodious songs. The ladies of Manchester Sai center presented beautiful, heartfelt songs, which they humbly offered at the divine lotus feet. Following the melodious songs, Sandbach group presented a wonderful piece of poetry dedicated to every woman. Performance by Bolton Sai center sisters on the five mothers was uplifting. The five mothers, bhoomata, deshamata, dehamata, vedamata and gomata symbolize s the strength and beauty of the female form. This presentation by the Bolton Ladies in Gujarati and English languages showed us how all these unite to inspire and guide us in our lives.

After a few cultural activities we had a wonderful and spiritually uplifting opportunity to listen to our guest speaker Smt Praveena Srikantan, Alumnus, SSSIHL. Smt Praveena shared with us her experiences with Swami during her studies at Anantapur campus of SSSIHL.She described the vastness of Swamis love on His children, in particular on His students and how they were looked after by Swami as a Mother. She narrated personal experiences where Swami helped her get through very difficult times of her life.

The talk was followed by some more cultural activities such as a dance ballet based on the wonderful life of Lord Krishna. The first part show cased Mother Yashoda s immense love for her son and the second part showed the everlasting love of Radha and Krishna. The concluding part depicted the divinity of Krishna and the realization of the same by one and all. This vibrant item was presented by the Bal vikas children of Halifax. Again, we were able to perceive the discipline, efforts, and dedication of Bal vikas kids to present this wonderful item to show their love to Swami.

Then followed "who wants to be a Mahillionaire" event by Warrington Sai Sisters which was very unique. It was a quiz with questions on Great epics, puranas and sacred religious books reflecting the multifaith theme of our events in SSSSO. All the devotees actively participated, with brothers supporting one team and sisters supporting the other team. Interestingly there was a’ tie’ with the quiz scores towards the end.

The Halifax ladies then presented two lovely songs, one in Telugu and the other in Hindi praising the glory of the sweet lord and his love and compassion. The songs were sung with intense devotion, dedication to our master. The Bradford ladies then presented the famous Garbo dance item. The Garbo dance is an offering to goddess Durga during the dussera festival in Gujarat. It is a graceful dance involving bright clothes, rhythmic steps and beautiful music. This dance was very well coordinated indicating their practice, efforts to present this beautiful item in the event.

Vote of thanks was rendered by Smt Meena from the Halifax group and the support from every group in making this event a successful one was appreciated. Bhajans and Aarthi concluded the event. Prasadam was served to all following the Aarthi. The devotees went home thoroughly uplifted through the experience of divinity by celebrating the glory of womanhood.

Dr. Shankar Srinivas Kuchibatla
Chair, Halifax Group