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Region 5 - Birthday Celebrations

November has been an eventful month and a busy month culminating in the most auspicious festival of the entire year which is our dear Swami’s 87th birthday.

In Region 5, this year, the Divine Birthday was hosted by the Warrington Sai family on the 25th of November, Sunday. Keeping in line with the theme of the year the day has been named as The Divine Light.

The alter was beautifully and tastefully decorated and all the devotees who walked in felt the vibrations as soon as they walked in.

The day began with the enchanting dance performance by the SSE children of Warrington. They looked bright and beautiful in their red attires, as they evoked the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

The region 5 spiritual coordinator, Dr. Vijayan and Nadella, gave the welcome address and reassured everyone present that swami is everywhere and that we need to feel his presence and welcome Him into our lives with conviction. Every human being has four birthdays. The first one is on the day he is born, being neither holy nor unholy, craves only for food and shelter. The second, when he begins his spiritual study to lead him from darkness to light. The third, when he gains wisdom and the fourth is when he realises his true identity and merges with the divine light, Brahman.

This was followed by the introduction to the Good values club, a very successful after school and holiday club run by Mr. Deepak Kumar from Leicester. The children from this club performed fabulous dances, recited admirable poetry and narrated their positive experiences of this unique club which has left an indelible mark in the lives of many, many children. Mr. Deepak Kumar himself was very enthusiastic and kept the crowd entertained with his humour and friendly banter.

The speaker for the day was Mrs. Bharathi Sanghani, Who studied in Sri Sathya Sai Womens college in Ananthapur and who now resides in Derby where she an active member of the sai organisation.

Bharathi straight away, transported us to Parthi, with her nostalgic experiences of the divine love and the whole audience was overwhelmed by a bevy of emotions. Time stood still while she narrated few fantastic experiences which exemplify the pure and unconditional love showered by swami. It left the devotees spellbound and wanting for more.

The next thing on the agenda was a melodious song sung by the SSE children of region 5. This Telugu song was sung well and the accompaniments added to the melody. This was followed by the poetry recital by Prahalad, an SSE child from Halifax. The poem was very apt as it conveyed the principles laid down by swami and his continued blessings to all of us inspite of his physical exit.

The SSE teachers and children of region 5 presented an incredible dance drama about the Goddess Durga and the slaying of the demon king, Narakaasura. The play was very well executed and the costumes were unbelievably real and the crowd was filled with awe and wonder. All the characters looked real and magnificent.

Brother Sanjay vaja’s uplifting and energizing poetry was the next in the agenda. Brother Sanjay, who is a master of poetry, added a different dimension to it this time by a unique but apt selection of slides depicting swamis’ different moods and moments. It was absolutely amazing and very creative indeed!!!!

The compeer for the day was Aditi Puri of Warrington and she did an excellent
job, enthusing and entertaining the audience with her effusive personality and her amazing anecdotes.

The eventful day came to an end with a lovely musical organised by the region 5 youth. The youngsters of the region dedicated their time and effort to put their soul into making this offering. The gorgeous cake was cut amidst cheer and merriment by kids and adults alike.

The Birthday song was sung beautifully and it brought back the memories of Prasanthi and its grandeur. The food that followed was tasty and nourishing.
Everyone felt absolutely elated and uplifted after the days programme and left the place feeling the presence of our beloved Lord.

Mrs Gayathri Anand Nadella
R5 SSE Co-ordinator