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Region 4 - Coventry Ladies Event

17th November 2012

The afternoon commenced with prayers and beautiful bhajans. Sister Zina, Sai Youth, welcomed the sisters and reminded everyone there the pertinent message of Sathya Sai Baba on the role and responsibility of Women in Society. She also informed everyone that our beloved Swami had initiated the Global Ladies Day in November 1995.

Sheena Harratt, a devotee of Sai Baba and guest speaker for the event was warmly introduced. Sheena, a Certified Laughter Yoga teacher, gave a brief introduction of herself and her background into how she came to know Sai Baba and her interest in developing workshops based on Eastern Philosophy, including yoga and meditation. She was also very fortunate to have trained in Haridwar with Swami Ramdev. We learnt that Sheena had gone through some hard times with her son’s illness. She further spoke about her voluntary work both in the UK and India, the issues arising with mental illness and the support available to people who suffer with this illness.

We then began with Sheena’s practical laughter Yoga workshop and she spoke about the health benefits and its spiritual benefits too. This session was conducted for an hour and a half and every participant there were literally rolling around laughing on the floor like little children. Some of the older ladies who live alone enjoyed it too as they often do not have the opportunity to laugh in this manner. The session was thoroughly enjoyed by all and they came away invigorated and felt very light hearted.

We learnt that laughing for 10 minutes daily was beneficial to our bodies as doing 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. Sheena had used many different techniques to keep us all laughing throughout the session. It is important to laugh and enjoy the moments in life.

Our next guest speaker was Bhanuben Dhabhi, also a devotee of Bhagawan. She set up the Asian Blind Association in Coventry many years ago and had also received a special award from the Queen for her commitment and dedication to her voluntary work in Coventry. Bhanuben was selected to carry the Olympic Torch through the City of Coventry in July 2012. She brought this torch with her as a symbol of strength to all women and her message was clear and profound – all Women have inner strength and can achieve what they want in life as long as they believe in themselves. She is a true inspirational figure to all women.

The afternoon ended with a beautiful song in Hindi by Vinaben and finishing off by offering a special bhajan - 'Mother O Mother Sai Maa' to our dear Mother Sai followed by Aarthi.

Zina thanked everyone there and also our loving Swami for making this event successful, blissful and full of laughter. We then shared some food that everyone had so kindly brought in and mingled with each other. The atmosphere was light and happy.

"Change the world with a laugh" - Baba

Jaymatiben Lad, Coventry Sai Centre