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Region 7 - Service to Man is Service to God

"Service to Man is Service to God"

Sai Spiritual Education instils in children the importance of respecting one’s elders and working for the well-being of the society from which we have ourselves benefited.

Swami has said, "This world is our society, and we should reach the society".

The children of the SSE Class, in Royal Wootton Bassett commenced a new service project to commemorate the 87th Birthday Celebrations of our Beloved Bhagawan. The children, supported by their parents and teachers arranged a tea party at the local Civic Hall for elderly members of the community who we were told lived alone and would appreciate some loving care and company.

These are some of the children’s thoughts and experiences:

SSE has taught me a lot about service to others, without expecting anything back from it. We remember when serving someone, that we are serving Swami.

We baked cakes, with all our heart to show how much we cared. When I sang, I tried to imagine that I was singing in front of Swami.

I felt that the tea party went really well and it made us happy to see our guests smiling. Some of them told us that they don’t have much company or many people to talk to. They said they enjoyed the afternoon and felt loved and wanted to come again.

The lesson I learnt, was that service is very important and we should always help others feel happy and loved. It also makes you feel happy when you see others happy.

Marina Fortune, Group2 Year2

On 17th Nov 2012 our SSE class hosted a tea party for a few elderly residents of Royal Wootton Bassett. The idea of a tea party came about during a discussion about Swami's teachings and how we could put them into practice.

On the day, the hall, was decorated with banners and balloons to welcome our guests and we met and spoke with our guests as they arrived. It felt like we all knew each other very well, though this was our first meeting.

One of the older SSE students welcomed everyone and gave a short talk on Swami’s teachings on the importance of serving our community and respecting our elders.

Sandwiches and cakes were served with lots of hot cups of tea and there was a lot of laughter around the room. We helped our guests to play a game of Bingo and presented prizes afterwards.

Finally, we ended with a few songs that got our guests clapping and singing along.

All our guests enjoyed themselves and we were humbled by our experience.

One guest said that she had never been so loved before. Someone else asked for some literature about Swami; he wanted to know who had inspired us. They all left saying they would definitely come back again.

We are really looking forward to our special Christmas tea party at which we will be singing carols.

Personally this experience taught me how good it feels to share, and make others happy.

Dhanisha Patel – Group2 Year2

I have been attending SSE (Sai Spiritual Education) for the past 2 years. At SSE I have learnt about Swami’s life and teachings. Swami taught us the importance of helping others. I got to experience this at our tea party with our elderly guests.

I felt that we would please Swami by helping others in our community. This experience made me want to help even more people in the future.

Urvika Patel, Group2 Year2