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Region 2 - Akhanda Bhajans

10th to 11th November 2012

The Region 2 Akhanda Bhajans this year was full of vibrancy throughout the whole 24 hours!

We were also very lucky because the program brought to the forefront those talented instrumentalists and singers from our Region whom we had not seen in some time. One of our Brothers played the Thavil (large barrel drum) which gave a very authentic feel of Prashanti Nilayam when played during the program, and another brother played the electric guitar.

The Akhanda Bhajans started with a unique opening procession of Vedam led by the SSE Children from Region 2 , all dressed in their Red Dhothis, just as you would see in Prashanti. Children from the age of 8 to 13 chanted The Ganesh Atharvashirsham followed by 9 Gayatri mantras, and carried Swami’s Padukas way over their heads thereafter installing them under his Divine chair. They then lovingly offered flowers and a Prayer at the Divine Lotus feet that Swami may watch over and bless the full 24 hour program. The Bhajans started just perfectly, and throughout the night vibrations were kept very strong and powerful by our dedicated Seva, Spiritual and Youth wings too. They sang soulfully and whole heartedly with hearts full of love!

It was felt by many that the end of the Program was the best part of the event. We had our SSE Children singing, followed by their Gurus, ending with Unity Bhajans. The SSE children sang English devotional songs and bhajans for nearly two hours continuously! Some of the English songs sang were not especially common or heard often, but all sang most beautifully and most innocently indeed.

To conclude the program we had a session of popular Bhajans which united all 10 centres across our Region. It is very difficult to put into words the energy and the power with which all sang throughout this slot. However, we can say that everyone participated with full hearts and it was an amazing experience, to say the least!

During the short silence at the end of the Bhajans the Divine energy could be felt all around the hall.
Our Sister and Regional Chair, Bhadra Patel, very lovingly gave the vote of thanks to everyone for their efforts and love throughout the whole 24 hour program.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you, again, to those who gave their precious gift of time, all their loving seva and energy to make the Akhanda Bhajans this year very, very memorable and so special.
We are already looking forward to next year’s Akhanda Bhajans, as it is definitely a favourite event for many of us. It is a time in which the entire region 2 Sai family come together, pray together and connect to our dearest Bhagavan. May this tradition continue always and forever!

Yours Lovingly,
Article submitted by Suresh Sajnani, R2 Spiritual Co-ordinator