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Region 3 – Birthday Celebrations at Centres

Mill Hill Sai Centre

Ilford Sai Centre Swami’s Birthday celebration
24th November 2012 at St Peter’s & Paul church

More than 100 ardent devotees from Ilford Sai centre gathered on this auspicious occasion at this holy venue at St Peters and St Pauls’ church hall to celebrate Swami’s birthday. Within minutes the venue was transformed from an empty hall to a wonderful ‘Mandir’ with Baba’s picture adorning the centre of the altar. The program started with Vedam chanting, prayers, and devotional songs.

The programme continued with the artistic performance and talent of the SSE children after endless practices. The first play depicted the mother’s role and love where Lord Krishna explains to queen Gandhari that the Pandavas have always had the love, blessing and affection of queen Kunti. But queen Gandhari chose to remain blind-folded for her husband sake.

The second drama was a scene from the ‘Mahabharata’ where sage Durvasa visited Draupadi and the Akshaya Patra had already been cleaned. Lord Krishna comes to the rescue of Draupadi and Duryodhana does not succeed with his evil plan. Lord Krishna eats one grain of rice and the sage with all his disciples feel satisfied and are no longer hungry. The Lord is always there when his true devotees are in need of him.

The third play was titled ‘Love gives and gives’ where Lord Rama gives his wealth and love to the poor before going to exile.The children did not just demonstratetheir talent but also their lovely sense of humour. Last but not least,the wonderful story of Bhasmasura and Shiva was displayed in the modern age. The devotees were left in fits of laughter and the children were overjoyed.

The programme continued with a Bharat Nathyam dance with music by Ravi Shankar followed by uplifting and beautiful devotional songs including a medley which created a true vibration which energised all the devotees. Awards and gifts were presented to the SSE children and Vibhuti and prasadam were distributed to devotees on their way home.

This was a truly moving evening which touched hearts and souls of everyone present and left a loving smile on everyone’s face.

Sheila Ring
Spiritual Convenor, Ilford Sai Centre