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Love and Light

Region 7 - Poem: A Living Love

A Living Love.

Living in this world Iíve found
a living love in you,
With honour to be shared around
on globe of hope we all are bound.

The air is changing fast right now
In ready for the ways ahead,
to turn the eyes from dark to light
from head to heart start seeing there,
a throne in all itís splendoured care.

For in the darkness none can see
who lodges there in silent love,
the seat is always occupied
awaiting hearts to wake and find,
to live in heart Öand not so mind!

The heart will feed the throne of love
It carries all your burdens there,
Put all aside and look within
A heart thatís full and loved by Him.

A message rides within your heart
youíll know it all one day,
of simply waking up the space
to enter now with given grace,
This chamber offers all who seek
a love so strongÖ a fear so weak!

With growth this world will enter in
a wonderful arranging day.
With heart so open to the joys
of all the gifts, unused till now
or cornered till another time.

So march right in, and all this world
shall start again with you.
So drink the cup, and see the heart
begin to change, as change it must,
or wither in the winds that blow.
Donít tell me then you didnít know!
Iím finding life within my love,
A world where all will love to grow,
A World in Love with LoveÖ. Just so!

Deborah Bullen
Marazion - R7