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Education Wing - Poem: My Sai and I

My Sai and I,
The one who takes away my sorrow,
The one who cares for me, I follow
Someone I can talk to that won't judge me,
Someone who will teach me values and harmony
He who brings me happiness and joy,
He who has seen me grow, from baby to a boy
The mother who has taught me love and care,
The father who has taught me how to be kind and share,
A friend who has lent me his hand in studies,
A friend who will forever be the best of my buddies,
A teacher from whom I learn the lesson of life,
A teacher who takes care of me in struggle or strife,
My Sai who stays with me from birth till I die,
And even after,
That is my Sai and I

By: Ian Gordon, SSE student
Region 7