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Region 2 - National Seva Day – Make a Positive Difference

True Seva occurs when one carries out an act without expecting anything in return. Whilst doing this, one is serving God himself.

"If you lift the hand to save, to help, to console, to encourage another man you are lifting it for God, because in every man is god."- Sri Sathya Sai Baba-

This year 07th October designated as National Seva Day. Events are being organised by participating organisations up and down the country where members of all communities regardless of age, screed and cast join together to offer their valuable time, love and perseverance for the betterment of their local community.

Each event is being organised is based on bringing joy where none exists, to improve the environment and relieving hardship.

Projects being undertaken by some organisations on this day, include tree planting in local parks, building garden in an citizens advice centre, cleaning communal areas and removing graffiti from walls, painting murals in schools, old people’s home etc;
The list is not exhaustive or in fact particularly innovative but importantly it is volunteers giving something back to the community.

From Region 2 various centres/groups participated in the following activities:

• "Giving Joy & quality time to Senior Citizens in London Borough of Brent”
Entertaining elders of the community with Musical entertainment performed by the children from Alperton Centre and serving all with delicious lunch and entertaining with Games and sing along session and presenting everyone with a gift in the spirit of "LOVE ALL & SERVE ALL".

• Hara Krishna Farm Service in Watford: 10.00am - 13.00pm.Over 100 SSE children, parents and teachers participated from Pinner, London West and Slough Sai Centres. It was a glorious sunshine day and all joined forces in various tasks from ploughing, potato picking and weeding. At the end of seva volunteers were treated to a special Hare Krishna prashad.

• London West Sai centre was Collecting clothes for West Middlesex University Hospital for patients who would not be having any clothes at the time of discharge also few devotees offered their time in repainting part of the community area at Belvedere House in Feltham which is used for classes and other activities for the local community.

• 35 volunteers were took part from Green Ford Sai Centre in organising Age Link seva day for elderly and people with special needs. Collecting elderly people from their homes and providing entertainment, refreshments, one to one company and dropping them back. Approximately 60 guests were attended and they enjoyed through and spend a wonderful time.

• Nearly 35volunteers from Harrow West Sai centre joined together to pack shoebox gifts for adults & children in need. With Swami’s grace and blessing they managed to pack 108 shoe boxes.

• Heston Sai Centre visited Norwood Green Care Home. Devotees experienced love and happiness in their heart while serving the elderly at the Care home. The seva started with unity Bhajans followed by small speech on kindness and a flute play. The highlight was the dance program that made all the members present to get up dance with a smile that is simply unforgettable. Afterwards devotees visited the rooms of the residents and shared their love as you could see in the photos.

• Devotees from Wembley Sai centre prepared and served food at Mother Theresa Home in Southall for 40 homeless.

• Harrow East Sai centre attended Meera old people’s nursing Home in providing companionship, devotional singing, food and flowers for their enjoyment.

This wonderful seva experience ended with all of us thanking our Dearest Swami.

A small helping hand makes such a large difference and can be an inspiration to thousands. Therefore, as the part of Sai organisation we are encouraging all Sai devotees across the UK to partake in an act of sewa on this day in coming years.

T.Sivalingam (Siva)
Region -2 Service Wing Co-ordinator.