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Education Wing - National SSE Workshop with with Dr Samuel Sandweiss and Mrs Sharon Sandweiss

On Saturday 1st December 2012 the parents and teachers from around the U.K. who attended the Oxhey Wood Primary School in Watford had the rare opportunity of sharing a session with our esteemed guests, Dr Samuel Sandweiss and Mrs Sharon Sandweiss on the subject of Sai way of parenting and Swami’s message to teachers.

After a few heartfelt bhajans to welcome our Beloved Lord, the esteemed guests were introduced. An eminent psychiatrist and author, the audience were reminded of Dr Sandweiss’s distinguished career over 40 years, and his particular interest in spirituality and psychiatry and how practices affect the mind and expand the consciousness and love. Notably, the couple’s close association with Bhagavan since the seventies had clearly shaped their fundamental understanding and approach on life, parenting and all other subjects; not least because the Sandweisses had 4 daughters, each of whom had been brought up under Bhagavan’s loving care and guidance.

A wonderful presentation was delivered to us all, providing practical tips such as how to keep communicating with our children in order to understand what they are thinking and feeling; how to encourage them to be disciplined and fulfil their potential but always to motivate them with love, not force; how to always focus on the positive ( not the negative) in order to motivate them to improve and do better and most importantly, always to ensure our children are fully exposed to Bhagavan’s teachings and instructions from an early age to help form their character and prepare them for their lives ahead. To illustrate these points, Dr Sandweiss used audio visual clips and Mrs Sandweiss provided her characteristically humorous insights by sharing advice that Bhagavan had given the Sandweisse’s during their many conversations with Him during their visits to Prashanthi Nilayam.

The audience were truly touched by the love, humility and wisdom of our guests and showed their appreciation with rapturous applause.

Following a short comfort break, the Sandweisses then took questions from the audience, posed by Mrs Nadia Eley, Region 6 Chair, elaborating the points made in their main presentation. This was yet another chance to confront some of the problems of bringing up children within a very materialistic society with love, understanding and Bhagavan’s teachings. They both emphasised the good fortune bestowed on us in having the Lord Himself guiding us on every subject and taking an interest in all aspects of our lives.

Dr Sandweiss then played two very pertinent audio visual clips where in we had the opportunity to listen and watch one of the last conversations that Dr Sandweiss had with Mr John Hislop and the second clip was dedicated to Lord Shiva with melodious chants of “Om Namo Shivaya” reverberating around the hall for a good five minutes. The inspired messages were loud and clear: to keep the Lord (Swami) always in one’s view and the power of namasmarana and prayer should not be under-estimated when dealing with any conflict and turmoil within or around us.

SSE Wing Report