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Education Wing - SSE Participation in the National Christmas Celebrations 2012

The children from the SSE wing of the United Kingdom came together from across the country on the 16th of December 2012 to sing and enact as a tableaux scenes from the nativity whilst the service of the 9 lessons and carols were being rendered by children and adults.

"At the Christmas celebration I felt joy and happiness. Jesus and Baba are same and they both protect us. What I liked is when people came up on stage and told us about Jesus/Baba."
- Krishmi Gurung 7 years

'Lamps of Love'

Service project undertaken by the SSE children at the Christmas celebration for the residents of a local home for the elderly.

"I enjoyed the Christmas programme because I felt a part of the nativity scenes. My favourite part was decorating the cookies for the elderly people to enjoy."
- Ananda Sai Pillay age 7
SSE - Region 7

"We went to Cheltenham for the Christmas celebration and I felt wonderful. When we arrived at the beautiful place in the morning, it felt as if I was part of something special. I loved it when we decorated the cookies for the care home. It feels to me that Jesus and Sai Baba are brothers because both are God and they say similar things and God is One."
- Subigya Ranapaili - 9 years
SSE - Region 6