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Education Wing - Poem: My Swami and I

I am very blessed to have Swami in my life since I was born. SSE has taught me that Swami is God and that we too are God. The Lord has taught me many things including human values, but above all is to LOVE and SERVE ALL.

With Swami’s grace my sister and I were privileged to have joined the UK pilgrimage in 2010. This meant we had to travel all the way to Merton Centre, every weekend, to practice for the choir to be performed in Prasanthi Nilayam. Travelling to London disciplined us, because we had to wake up early in order to be on time. Travelling to and from London also became fun as my sister, guru or mother and I would talk about Swami and sing Bhajans. We would also talk about our forthcoming trip to India, which made all the travelling worthwhile. Just knowing we would all receive Swami’s darshan made us all elated.

Also being part of SSE means I can enjoy meeting my Sai brothers and sisters whom I can talk to freely about my Swami, as at school I am unable to express my feelings about Swami. Swami’s teachings have encouraged me to sing prayers from all religions, learn vedic chanting and practice silent sitting on a daily basis. In particular, chanting the Sai Gayatri mantra helps me to cope better at school, as at times when the children tease me I find it comforting.

Having faith in Swami has encouraged me to become more confident and be able to express myself confidently. Learning and practicing the human values has taught me not to be shy and frightened. Nowadays, in RE lessons in school, I can talk freely about Swami and share my experiences with the other children, without being nervous.

I am very fortunate to have had Swami’s blessing in person and He has shown me how to love everyone.

Swami is my life and knowing that he is always with me has given me self- confidence. I would like to thank My Beloved Swami, my parents and my Gurus for showing me how to live a life of Love, Peace, Truth, Non-Violence and Right Conduct.

Sai Ram

Nisha Patel
Age 12