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Education Wing - A Christmas to Remember with Joy!

National Christmas Celebrations 2012

Right from the time I arrived at the Cheltenham venue, the day before, to help setup the main hall, I immediately felt that this event would be very special. The magnitude of the school at which the celebrations took place was outstanding and turned out to be the most ideal place for such a task. Although, it was when I arrived the next day and was welcomed by the countless amounts of Sai devotees, that I truly was touched. Every single person would greet you with a wide smile across their face and you would be able to feel the love shining forth from them.

As well as this, it was a lot of fun to dress up in various costumes with all the other SSE children and perform on stage. I got to meet many new kids and also got to catch up with some old SSE friends. The amount of effort put in by the children and the adults in making it a really good show was pulled off, creating a fantastic, entertaining and joyful atmosphere.

Furthermore, every single minute was planned to perfection. Never for a second was I confused about what I was to do, leaving me to only indulge in the service of Sai. The Christmas Celebration on the 16th of December 2012 was beyond doubt a wonderful and memorable event to participate in as a SSE student.

I am excited and very much looking forward to the Christmas celebrations next year!

Aum Sri Sai Ram

By Ian Gordon,
SSE Student
Region 7