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Region 2 - New Years Eve Bhajans

Our Region 2 New Years Eve bhajans was filled with an atmosphere of Unity and also Togetherness this year!

It was an excellent opportunity for devotees from opposite ends of the region to talk, to sing and to see the New Year in. The programme started at 9pm with light refreshments followed by enchanting opening prayers and then following this there were bhajans from 10:00pm to 11:58pm. We then broke the new year in with 21 Divine Aumkars. The idea being to have the Sound of the Aum vibrating within us and all around as the New Year came in. It was also found the method in which the Aumkars were guided, bringing the energy up from the lower abdomen (Navel area) up to the Head, Vibrating fully, and travelling back down again, brought about a very divine experience!

A two minute silence at the stroke of midnight then provided the perfect opportunity for all those present to thank Bhagwan for the year just gone and pray for guidance, love and spiritually uplifting the year ahead! Next in the program was our Ganesh Prathana followed by three short bhajans to enter into 2013.

It was clear from the celebrations that the whole region had come together to reinforce Swami's message that Unity IS Divinity and the reason we are together is only because of Swami, and his teachings.

For the devotees from Slough, it was even more poignant to hold this event in this hall. After 16 years, this was the last time bhajans were to be held there before the centre moved to a new venue.

Tears flowed not because of the move, but in joy to thank Swami for 16 glorious years at this centre and also the chance to spread his message and his Divine vibrations, at another special Venue in Slough another home!.

Our Regional Chair, Sister Bhadra Patel thanked everyone who took part in making this event so memorable and special for so many of us. All were reminded that this was the time to reflect on the past year and also remember all the many good lessons learnt. The Sai Centre Slough family were wished more glorious years at their new location, they were encouraged to continue all the good work they had all done to build such a strong foundation and that may the Revered Elders of the Centre continue to share their knowledge, experience and wisdom with the Children and Youth and that may the Children and Youth continue to serve the Elderly and get their Blessings.

All in all, it was a truly spiritual uplifting evening as we all prayed that may our Bhagavan bless the whole Region 2 Sai Family with longevity, health and goodness.

With Love,
Article submitted by Sandeep Mohan of Sai Centre Slough and Suresh Sajnani, Spiritual Coordinator