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Make the Most Of His Gifts: an Article Written by Sam and Sharon Sandweiss

Dearest Sai family in UK, Sai Ram and much love.

Thank you for the opportunity of writing a brief article in your newsletter. It allows Sharon and me to continue our heart to heart relationship with our wonderful UK brothers and sisters.

First we want to express our gratitude to Team UK under the able leadership of Brother Kiran, who looked after us so well during our entire stay and carried us to all the wonderful events (the Sai Birthday Celebration, meetings at Centers, with psychiatrists, with young adults, teachers, Council and Trust Members). All devotees smiled at us, encouraged us and made us feel a part of your strong and healthy UK Sai group.

How wonderful to sing together the glories of Swami and His teaching that lift us beyond fear and suffering. He shows us how to purify our minds through virtue and service–until we melt into His love, and live in peace beyond the limitations of this sensory material world.

We must make the most of His gifts. I learned this most pointedly in June 2005 when invited to speak at a public meeting in Atlanta Georgia–one of many leading to Swami's 80th birthday. I noticed the beautiful camera to capture the event. I felt that Swami actually spoke for me. These gifts, the video and talk, I wanted to refine. Over the next year and a half, and with the aid of a video editor, the talk became a good introductory message for a wider audience. This took time and effort and I could feel Swami as the Doer as I attempted to be the instrument.

Then came an expansion of video programs, a website and Facebook page to allow for wider dissemination of Sai Love to newcomers. When making the most of his gifts, He allows us to experience Him more and more fully as the Doer. If you’d like to see the finished introductory talk on our website, go to http://www.pathoftransformation.org -- and to the video titled "Love all Serve All."

Dear Brother Veeru told me a story about the time he lost a diamond from a ring that Swami had materialized for him. He called devotees to help search the field but darkness stopped them the first day. Early next morning they continued to look for the lost orb of light. Finally, and with miraculous assistance from Swami, the precious diamond was found and held safe and sound. Today the diamond of Dharma is hidden from sight in this dark Kali Yuga–and we as a unified team of devotees must search long and hard in the darkness of the night to bring out His divine light. Swami's soft sweet succor of love can soothe the suffering hearts of our brothers and sisters in these troubling times.

Let us take His direction—and being inspired by his love and Shakti—and making the most of His precious gifts—perfect and refine ourselves and our wonderful Sai Organization—and be a beacon of light to all.

Jai Sai Ram -- Sam and Sharon