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Youth Wing - Sathya Sai Leadership and Training Programme (SSLTP): Module 6

Courage, Excitement, Thrill. All are the ingredients of a good Hollywood/Bollywood movie? Perhaps. But they also mark the experiences in the day of a SSLTP cohort. I am a SSLTP cohort and I want to take you on my journey of SSLTP from module 6.

Each day, nay, each moment, is so different on this course. This particular day the awakening was to a crisp yet fresh morning. Looking outside our warm log cabin you are transported to a Narnia like world. Are we living in the Kali Yuga which is hallmarked with troubles and misery or in a secluded forest full where perhaps Lord Rama walked or where Lord Buddha gained enlightenment? After the morning prayer session, a relaxing yet stimulating yoga session commenced, stretching not only the body but the mind. From this we conclude with a pious prayer session invoking the Gods and anchoring ourselves for the day to come. After a hearty breakfast the feast for the mind begins. Or maybe the soul.

We spend the morning in a deep reflective exercise analysing why we came on this course. What have I picked up and what are my challenges. Self-audit is a powerful tool in leadership and in life in general. Uncle Sri skilfully navigates us through the answers tying it all back to our previous modules.

Another session is an energetic and skilful team puzzle solving exercise. Am I on the crystal maze or krypton factor. 6 minutes is all we were given to solve a near impossible puzzle. How old could the captain be? He can't be French, he must be a football player. Buzzzzz time out. 6 minutes over. The committee gives us an analysis of how we did. Not at getting the answers. But the process we took. We ignored the quiet members. Some of us (maybe me) were too loud. Life is the journey not the destination. We're given another 6 mins. Do we learn from our feedback? Frantic frantic. Buzz another 6 mins. Our process is analysis again. We make notes as this is valuable feedback for later.

The following day our souls are treated to a sumptuous feast of personal experiences. Four guest speakers from all walks of life gave us their take on spirituality and leadership. Even if they did not realise, the spirituality oozed out of their experiences. The guests spoke about the challenges they faced. Commanding a force of 1000 police men and having to answer to the task of making a number of them redundant, but it not agreeing with your inner core. How do you deal with it? What do you draw upon? Another experience; you only survive on 300 a week and you come across a homeless person. You want to help so you decide to buy a pair of shoes as his are falling apart. You only want to spend 30 but your inner conscious says that's not right. You end up buying a 130 pair. That's nearly 1/3 your weekly income. How do you reconcile your inner voice?

True leaders listen to their inner no matter how much it hurts. Authentic leadership. Remember leadership is the intelligent and sensitive use of power.

Yatin Mistry
SSLTP Cohort 2012/13