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A Rare Accolade - OBE

I was pleasantly surprised when three weeks back, I received a letter from the Prime Minister David Cameron informing me that my name was being submitted to the Queen to receive the Honour of Order of British Empire or known in short as an OBE.I was ecstatic and jubilant and in humility expressed my gratitude to Swami for this distinction.

I was not allowed to share this joy with anyone for three weeks as I was sworn to secrecy. It is indeed a very uplifting experience and I am excited that this will help me to introduce SSSEHV in more schools. This will raise the profile of the programme.

The award is in honour of Services to Education and community cohesion in Leicester. I am a teacher and the Human Values Manager at Abbey Primary Community School which is known as Partnership Sathya Sai School. The SSEHV programme is fully integrated in the school and curriculum. The programme has had a hugh impact which has resulted in the school moving from being the 55th in the league table seven years ago to being the second best school in Leicester today. The Ofstead inspector commented “Abbey is held together by the golden chain of Human Values"

I have been running the Good Values Club for the past twenty years and today we have nearly one hundred and fifty children attending every Saturday.

Tim Foster in his letter to Leicester Mercury (Local Paper) quoted:

"I was delighted to see in the New Year Honours an OBE awarded to Dipak Kumar Fakey for his service to education and community cohesion in Leicester.

Hundreds of children and young people have benefited from attending his Good Values Club run at Abbey Primary on Saturday mornings. They gain a valuable insight into the positive role they can play in their local community.

Mr Fakey's award is richly deserved and a fitting tribute to the life-changing work he undertakes.”

I am thankful to everyone who has helped me to achieve this honour. This honour is given to me by Swami to take His Mission of spreading the Message of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values to the next level.

Dipak Kumar Fakey, OBE