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Trust Matters

Sri Sathya Sai Charitable Trust Update

This year, the Trust resolves to be proactive in communicating directly with you. The way that we shall do this will be twofold:
Firstly, we shall be, on occasion, contributing articles to ‘Love and Light’ to let you know of any significant matters that it feels are relevant to such a public medium. Secondly, it will intermittently be sending PowerPoints out, via Dr Kiran Patel, for distribution to all Centres and Groups. These will be much more detailed about our activities, aims and objectives.

Current Trustees:

The Trustees at present are: Mr Kishin Khubchandani (Chairperson), Mr Ashok Bhagani (Treasurer), Mr Phil D’Costa (Secretary), Mr Mel Griffin, Mr Khushal Jethwani, Mr Chuni Nathwani, Ms Shobhna Patel, Rev Rosemary Perry and Dr Surendra Upadhyay.

Collaboration with the UKCC:

At its meetings the Trust is joined (as has been a longstanding tradition) by the National Chairperson of the SSSSO UK, Dr Kiran Patel. In a reciprocal arrangement, one of our Trustees, Mr Mel Griffin, has kindly been sitting in on UKCC meetings, since early 2012. In this way, Kiran can keep Trustees abreast of SSSSO UK matters and similarly Mel can keep the UKCC informed on any Trust matters that they need to know or want to ask about.

Trust Meetings 2012/2013:

In 2012, the Trust met six times in its own right.

It also formally met with the UKCC and Dr Goldstein on May 7th in Hertfordshire. One of its meetings, held on June 24th at the Sathya Sai Bookshop, included the presence of Mr H J Dora, a Director of the Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation/member Prashanti Council. The Trust appreciates his time, wisdom and guidance at its meeting. It met with the Board of Directors of the Sathya Sai School Leicester (SSSL) in July in South Oxhey (again, in conjunction with the UKCC). It met with the SSSL BoD again on 20th August, when it jointly met them with the SSSLPTA and other SSSL parents, in Leicester. On August 28th it met with members of the UKCC in South Oxhey. In addition, it combined its December 2nd meeting with personally thanking Dr Samuel Sandweiss and his wife, Sharon, in South Oxhey, for giving so freely of their time in the UK, which was spent both talking to and inspiring many UK devotees all around the country.

Recent Meetings with SSSWF members:

In 2013, over the 20th and 21st January, members of the Trust met collectively and individually with the new head of the SSSWF, Mr Gary Belz and fellow SSSWF Director/Chair of Prashanti Council, Dr Narendranath Reddy. On the 21st they were joined by Mrs Marianne Meyer, member of Prashanti Council and of the International Education Committee. The Trust really appreciates these senior international figures giving their valuable time to not only directly communicate with the main spokes of the Sai organisation in the UK but also to have face-to-face meetings with individuals. The Trust thanks Kiran for assisting in making all these arrangements run so well - especially in the face of extreme weather conditions.

Recent Donation:

Many of our decisions are made by email. Often, this is because a disaster may occur that needs urgent financial help. Such a situation occurred at the end of December/start of January this year. As you may have heard on the news, floods and related dangerous earth slips/subsidence occurred in Sri Lanka at that time. Initially, we heard that heavy rains had battered Sri Lanka since the middle of December 2012, causing floods and landslides, which killed 36 people and affected over 300,000 people. Later, on 21 December 2012, reports stated that, “…over 56,000 people sheltered in 171 evacuation centres; almost 1,500 houses were destroyed and more than 4,800 homes were damaged”. In liaison with the Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation of Sri Lanka, the Trust sent £20,000 to assist the local Sai organisation in building low-cost permanent homes for some of the displaced flood victims.

Article submitted by the Sri Sathya Sai Charitable Trust UK