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Visit by Ambassadors of the Sai Mission

UK was fortunate to have the presence of the two senior most leaders of our Organisation namely, Mr Gary Belz (Chairman, Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation) and Dr Narendranath Reddy (Chairman, Prasanthi Council) from 17 – 22 January 2013. Their primary purpose for the visit was to serve as guest speakers to the 2 day National Sathya Sai Orientation Conference and to interact with devotees, Office Bearers and management teams of the Sathya Sai School (Leicester) and ISSE.

Whilst mankind can design and prepare, it has no control on the outcome. The National Conference planned for the 19th / 20th January was no exception which had to be cancelled due to extreme wintry weather conditions - a touching spiritual reminder not to think about the fruit of one’s actions.

On 20th January, members of the UKCC and UK Trust had the privilege of meeting the special guests.

Various subject areas were covered. There was positivity expressed regards the Council with a sense of unity in their working and support provided to regions, centres and devotees in general. It was however important to enhance efforts towards a broader understanding of the purpose of the Organisation to ensure everyone worked to a common goal of serving the one mission - the Sai Mission. It was also thought imperative to serve the wider community to enable people to experience and benefit from Baba's Love

On the invitation of non-Sai speakers at centres, Dr Reddy reminded members that it was important that devotees familiarised themselves with teachings of Bhagawan Baba in the first instance since what He has provided was the quintessence of everything that exists in the scriptures and the holy books. There isn’t one area that Baba hasn’t touched upon during His tenure. Inviting speakers from non-Sai background could deviate devotees from the powerful messages of Baba’s teachings and cause unnecessary confusion.

With regard to problem areas and their resolution, it was essential to categorise them either into higher or lower priority. If the issues impacted Human Values of Love, Peace, Righteousness, Truth and Non- violence, then they would be considered a priority and immediate action was warranted. Relatively, one could consider other issues of lesser importance.

We were also reminded to exercise caution when using e-mails, as they could be copied to various people and could lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and distortion. Baba too used to say that ‘email’ was ‘easy mail!’ It was therefore considered good practice to phone the individual concerned and resolve the issues directly rather than using emails if possible.

On the 21st January, our special guests had the opportunity to meet the Board of Directors of the Sathya Sai School (Leicester) and Board members of ISSE (Institute of Sathya Sai Education).

Gayatree Bikoo