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Region 6 - Christmas Sathsang

December 15th 2012

This was held at Park Barn Community Centre in Guildford. About 25 devotees attended in all. 8 Carols were sung, interspersed with 9 readings. Most of the readings were taken from Swami’s Christmas discourses with quotes on the nature of Jesus and his mission. There was also one from St. Luke’s Gospel and one from the Humane Essene Gospel of Jesus, depicting the very compassionate nature of Jesus. As donkeys are so significant in the Bible Story, before singing the carol, “Little Donkey”, we spent a few minutes thinking about all those sad and overworked little donkeys worldwide whose painful and miserable lives are sacrified to help humankind live, remembering Swami’s words about having earned our human vehicles through deeds of merit in past lives in the animal kingdom. As turkeys also feature strongly at Christmas, we also spent a little time learning more about the wonderful turkey kingdom, We thought about the billions of turkeys who lead miserable lives in factory farms only to be slaughtered, then eaten at Christmas. A film “You haven’t lived until you have hugged a turkey” was shown, demonstrating how truly amazing turkeys are if left to live naturally, how immensely intelligent and feeling they are! This was followed by a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah “Be nice to yu turkeys dis Christmas”, read by Pauline McNamara in a Jamaican accent.

Valerie Allen also gave a short but very interesting and informative talk about Jesus and Christmas. To end the morning session, we then did a Jyoti meditation. After Lunch, a film was shown in which Dr Sandweiss, at Swami’s last birthday celebration in Prashanti, gave a moving and inspiring talk, in which he expanded on and clarified an important point he made on his visit to Region 6 last November. A quiet period followed in which we listened to "Pie Jesus" sung by Sarah Brightman and some Taize chanting. Two inspiring stories, recounted by Japanese devotees, were then read from the Prashanti Reporter, an online publication from the Sathya Sai Publications Trust, so far unheard of by a lot of devotees. More carols and more readings were then followed by 30 minutes of bhajan singing at the end. Feedback from the day was very positive with some members reporting that it was a most moving, thought-provoking and inspiring day.