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Education Wing - My Baba and I

(Transcript of the speech by Miss Sai Laveniya Mithiran, SSE student, Region 3 delivered at the National Sathya Sai Orientation Conference U.K. 2013)

There are no words to express the gratitude I feel towards all those who are responsible for making it possible for me to stand up here and share my experiences with you. Swami has guided me throughout my whole life and through many difficulties I have faced. I have always felt his presence within me and this will stay with me forever.

Swami says that “The ideal of the Balvikas is to raise a generation of boys and girls who have a clean and clear conscience”. I have been attending Mill Hill Sai Centre my whole life and Balvikas for 11 years now and it has been a phenomenal experience. Without attending my lessons regularly I truly believe I wouldn’t have understood the principles and discipline of life, “Character is the most precious gift of education”.

I chose to undertake as part of my SSE project work teaching a SSE lesson to our group 2 students in my Sai Centre. I hadn’t really thought about this topic as my task as I was looking to take up the project on Bhajans and Group Devotional Singing. This was until my guru told me to try something different. Therefore with Swami’s guidance I was able to accomplish my given task with all the help from everyone including those I was teaching. I really enjoyed undertaking this task and it has made me consider teaching SSE myself, of course with Swami’s will and grace. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to actively take part and associate myself with the SSE wing. I underestimated myself when deciding to do this task. Without Swami showering his blessing this would not have been easy.

With Swami's grace and blessings I have had the chance of performing in front of him twice, first a dance with Sai Mahima 5 and secondly singing with the National pilgrimage in 2010. The dedication and discipline we had to follow just to perform a 2 minute dance or to perfect one song was astounding, but this commitment made me the person I am today and was reinforced by teachings from SSE. The qualities that I developed during these pilgrimages were a gift from Swami to help mould me into the person I am today.

This society sometimes is full of negativity. Being a LOTUSS also known as Group 4 student I can clearly visualise and contemplate on the tremendous transformation I have experienced from starting off as an SSE student to now, however this credit goes to all those again responsible for changing peoples lives in a spiritual manner- for me they are first and foremost Swami, then my parents, my family, my SSE Gurus and lastly devotees at my Centre who work tirelessly in a selfless manner living the values of Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa. As Swami once said “The Balvikas (also known as SSE) is the primary basis of the great movement to restore the practise of Dharma in the world”

One story which moved me was one told by an elder from our centre. This is the way which I remembered the story. There was one family who went to a different centre and they were such a humble well respected Sai family at the centre this was. Every Sunday they would all come in white clothes in such Saatvic manner. So one summer’s day the elder bumped into a lady with a push chair. The lady was dressed in shorts and a sleeveless top with sunglasses and her eldest daughter was in a short dress. The lady apologised when accidentally bumping into the uncle but didn’t stop to look at him. The uncle just stared at them thinking he recognised them. Then suddenly whilst the mother was yelling at her eldest daughter it clicked to the uncle that this was the family from the Sai centre. The mother finally realising that this elder was just staring recognised who he was. She and her family were full of embarrassment and said Sai Ram and literally ran off.
This incident made us all realise how our attitude and manner is not only regarded at the Sai centre. We should not act any differently and reflect Swami’s message at all times. People, strangers, anyone can recognise a Sai student or devotee quite easily because of his personality built by listening to the teachings of Swami and then putting them into action. Again Swami had said “Knowledge that is not put into practice is like food that is not digested”

I honestly can’t reiterate how much SSE has transformed us into something unexplainable.
As one uncle from Mill Hill proudly said about us SSE students - 'SSE has made you excel not only in humility but simplicity, morality and integrity'. And whilst SSE is an abbreviation for Sai Spiritual Education parents of SSE students also see it as Spiritual Secured Education.

My prayer to Swami remains- 'Never let go of me; help me to practise what I have learnt; help me to see you in everyone'. Equipped with what you have taught me I know I can step out into the world confidently knowing and believing in what you have always said 'Why fear when I am here'.

Thank you
Jai Sai Ram